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The AlumiTub is Redefining Relaxation

The AlumiTub is Redefining Relaxation

For me, there may only be one way to truly experience the Great Outdoors. And that’s relaxing in a hot tub. Preferably one that is fueled by a wood-burning stove. And maybe even one that’s built from cedar and is meant to last for generations.

Well, lucky for me, the AlumiTub ticks all of those boxes. This hot tub isn’t just a little spa in one’s backyard, it’s a work of art all its own. Available in two sizes, this drum-shaped tub has everything one needs for off-the-grid relaxation, from the wood-burning stove to keep the water hot all year long, to a drainage system to keep it clean, too. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the world around you, while maybe also enjoying a cocktail (or three) while you sit and relax with your friends.

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