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The Roundup

Reflectius Clock

Reflectius Clock

Art Lebedev has a history of creating some really awesome products (with ridiculous names). Unfortunately, most of them never see the light of day, or are so damn expensive it’s easier to justify buying yourself an iPad for every room of your house. Lebedev’s Reflectius Clock could very well fall into one of those categories (and definitely has a ridiculous name), but that doesn’t stop us from wanting one as badly as Tiger wants a more iron clad prenup.

It’s not just because it’s gloss black, involves rotating mirrors, and has a frickin’ laser beam (though those are all reason enough) – it’s because this clock would look just as good in a Cylon Basestar or the Death Star as it would in our man cave. Now you finally have a reason to add your own pew pews.

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