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Kevin Cyr: Graffiti Artist

Kevin Cyr: Graffiti Artist


Kevin Cyr is not content with modern art found in galleries today. Instead of just staging his revolution on building exteriors – like most graffiti artists – Mr. Cyr paints vehicles…that have been painted. It’s kind of like found art or readymades (That’s the technical term for that artist guy Marcel Duchamp claiming a urinal is art.), except Cyr has talent.

Paintings like the Wholesale Banana (No, not your wholesale banana…even if it grows through service) Truck – Zemurray as he calls it – juxtapose the modern marvel that is motorized transportation with the seemingly decrepit nature of the truck and the graffiti; all the while presenting it in a near realistic, yet somehow “artsy” fashion.

Not that we’re all thinking about that bullshit art history class we took in college, let’s get real. Cyr’s paintings are the epitome of cool and are all auto-themed. Why hang up that same Eleanor poster that every other schlub has when you can hang Mr. Softee? When you’re done with all his paintings, make sure you check out the Camper Kart. Yes, it’s exactly what the name implies – a pop up camper in a shopping cart; yes, it’s awesome.



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