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Creative Space

Creative Space


Creative Space: Urban Homes of Artists and Innovators showcases the weird, obscure, mundane, and occasionally downright insane decorating intricacies of the world’s artists, designers, writers, filmmakers… basically the creative collective. Francesca Gavin (the photographer) uses her sense of urban exploration (Remember, it’s only trespassing if you don’t have a camera.) to reveal the most intimate aspects of these people’s urban dwellings.

These creatives take decorating to a level that sometimes only Duchamp could love (thankfully there are no urinals), but they do so in a way that makes you question purpose. Is that random stack of records art, or just a refusal to organize? Is six completely different different dining room chairs really making a statement? Should you have a garage sale, or just decorate your home with all your junk?

Only you can be the judge of that. At the very least you now have a point of reference for the “but baby, I don’t wanna get rid of all my Pez dispensers” argument – they’re art.



Note to self: Spice-up IKEA Grundalt purchase by adding 80’s wood paneling and hand-written bar signs.

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