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Beautiful Beer Bottle Labels

Beautiful Beer Bottle Labels


The average person is probably drinking a beer from one of major threes – Bud-Inbev, Miller or Coors, but they don’t offer much in the way of sweet looking labels. This may not matter to you, but you probably get a kick out of that blue mountain label with the cold indicator. Come on, admit it – you like your beer telling you how cold it is, because your hands just aren’t good enough for the job. At any rate, if you indulge in craft brewed beers, you’re sure to come across some labels that please the eye a bit more than those macros. We’ve found (and even tasted) a few brews that round out the 15 Beautiful Beer Bottle Labels.

Jack D’Or – Pretty Things

With Pretty Things as the name of their brewery and brewing “Good Time Artisanal Beers” as their motto, they’re bound to have good looking labels. Jack D’ Or, a “Saison Americain,” is also the name of the creature on the label. Hand drawn by the head brewer, Jack represents a grain of malted barley with a sick moustache – the facial hair du jour.

Sword Swallower Steel Hop Lager – Schmaltz Brewing Company

Part of Schmaltz Brewing’s Coney Island “Freak Beers,” this sexy lady gets a little freaky on Sword Swallower Steel Hop Lager label. Showing off her goods and her ability to handle some serious weapons, we like any girl with a knack for swallowing.

HopArt IPA – Coast Brewing

A great play on words inspires a great looking label for HopArt IPA. This pop art look made famous by Macs err….Andy Warhol, turns the essence of beer – its hops – into a work of contemporary art. We’d also like to think that a well-balanced IPA like this one is another true form of modern American art.

Fort- Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

Known for creating “off-centered beers for off-centered people” Dogfish Head commissioned Artist Tara McPherson to create the label for Fort. Holding the title of the world’s strongest fruit beer, Fort is an ale brewed with a ridiculous amount of raspberries. This title certainly warrants a ridiculously good looking label.

Lucky 13 – Lagunitas Brewing

It’s hard not to truly appreciate a beer that associates itself with luck. After all, getting lucky is always a welcomed finish after a night of drinking. Brewed in honor of their 13 anniversary, Lagunitas Lucky 13 is a “mondo large red ale.” The horseshoe on the label represents this good luck, while the pinup babe is just there to inspire some.

Delirium Tremons – Brouwerij Huyghe’s

Sure Delirium Tremons refers to a potentially fatal form of alcohol withdrawal, but those darn Belgians named a strong pale ale after it anyway. The bottle itself is painted to look like ceramics, wrapped in blue foil and then covered with a label featuring Brouwerij Huyghe’s signature pink elephants. Goofy green gators and purple dragons (or at least that’s what we think they are) speak to one of the symptoms of the condition- hallucinations.

Nude Beer – Eastern Brewing Corp

While it hasn’t been brewed in over twenty years, we sure wish that it was a part of the whole 80’s revival. Nude Beer, once proudly made in New Jersey, featured a scantily clad woman on the label. But wait, there’s more: her clothing was similar to a lottery ticket; scratch off her bra to reveal what’s underneath! A true beer legend, it was later produced by a California brewery and banned in several U.S states.

Serpent’s Stout – The Lost Abbey

A little biblical allusion is fitting for a brewery called The Lost Abbey. Their Serpent’s Stout’s label features a museum-worthy representation of Adam and Eve. Enjoy a good vs. evil struggle with each sip of the dark, forbidden brew. When it’s all over, just blame your woman.

Woodcut Beer No. 2 – Odell Brewing

Woodcut Beer No. 2 has a label that’s beautiful in that earthy, natural sort of way. This makes perfect sense considering the ale is aged in virgin oak barrels and has aromas reminiscent of wood shop shavings. A true man’s beer if we ever heard of one, you won’t find any icy blue mountains on this label.

Chateau Jiahu – Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

Another offering from Dogfish Head is a testament to their off-centered brewing style and the “dogfish way.” Chateau Jiahu’s ingredients include remnants from a 9000 year old Chinese beverage, rice flakes and sake yeast to name a few. The result is a spicy ancient ale, packaged in a sexy bottle featuring a topless Asian beauty as intriguing as the beer’s unique history.

Matilda – Goose Island

Forget about “lite” this or “lager” that, Goose Island created a beer worthy of a beautiful name. Matilda’s label is equally beautiful because of its simplicity. No loud, boldly colored logo is needed for a Belgian style pale ale that claims to be a great choice for beer geeks, as well as wine lovers. Appropriately, its label resembles that of a wine bottle and the brew can be aged in the bottle for up to five years.

Fat Tire – New Belgium Brewing

Inspired by New Belgium Brewing founder, Jeff and his bike trip through Belgium, Fat Tire’s label paints a serene picture. Trimmed with beautiful hops, it reminds us of a sunny day in the park, a casual bike ride or a lazy nap in the shade. All a fitting vibe for the one you’ll experience while drinking the world’s best amber ale (yeah, we said it).

Polygamy Porter – Wasatch Brewery

Aptly based in Utah, Polygamy Porter from Wasatch Brewery begs the question, “Why have just one?” We often ponder the same thing, then try our hardest to convince our wives to get on board, only to be reminded that it’s illegal. Well, the marriage part at least. What you do behind closed doors is perfectly legal…we hope.

Lucky Cat IPA – Magic Hat

Definitely inspired by the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, Magic Hat’s Lucky Cat IPA label is equally trippy. An eerie grin on the face of a large purple cat is surrounded by swoops and swirls that are typical of the Vermont brewery. The phrase “beer kitty, kitty” beckons you as you sip this craft brewed elixir.

Hoptimus Prime – Legacy Brewing Co.

Combining a beloved childhood character and a big boy beer is genius. Hoptimus Prime Double IPA from Legacy Brewing gets its name and label inspiration from Optimus Prime of the Transformers universe, creating Hoptimus – a giant creature made of hops. Coming in at 9% abv and served in a 22 oz bottle, a few of these will be enough to leave you feeling like the leader of the Autobots himself.

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