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Authentics Pen Clip

Authentics Pen Clip

Pay attention gents: carry a pen with you at all times. In the world of e-mail, facebook and twitter, writing with ink has a permanence, a romanticism and a finality that we’ve all but forgotten about. Pens don’t have batteries that die. Or screens that crack. Or family plans with account access. At the end of the night, what’s better; a phone number you can get of hold of her with, or one more Facebook friend you’ll never talk to? Pens are highly beneficial, but they also have destructive power. Forget one in the washing machine and you’ll find out the hard way. And they’re easy to lose. No more with the Authentics Pen Clip. Clipping to the nearest book, script or piece of paper, this simple stainless steel device gives you some place to clip your utensil of choice – without fear of ink stains and absentmindedness.

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