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These Mood-focused THC Gummies Can Be Shipped Straight to Your Door Across the Country


Regardless of where you live in the United States, it can feel like cannabis is everywhere these days. For the 54 percent of Americans who live in a state with legal recreational cannabis, that means a dispensary that’s usually not more than a short drive away. But access to cannabis products is far from difficult–no side street meet up or hidden deal required–even in states that haven’t legalized recreational use yet. Thanks to a legislation loophole, products made with hemp are in the clear and are being ordered online and shipped across the country.

I’ve tested more than a few of these hemp-derived products. Mostly out of curiosity considering I live in Denver, which is one of the easiest places to find reliably good and affordable cannabis. For the most part these tests lead to packs of unfinished gummies and nearly full tincture bottles tossed in the trash. The high usually isn’t reliable, or there’s no benefit to choosing something different than the responsible whole-flower Colorado cannabis brands I already know and love.

And then I tried Golden Hour.

The new, New York City based brand sells hemp-derived gummies in three moods: Energy, Relax, and Sleep. In addition to THC and other cannabinoids, each has a tailored set of nootropics and adaptogenics to enhance certain feelings. Cordyceps, ashwagandha, guarana, ginseng, and magnesium in Energy; lion’s mane mushrooms and ashwagandha in Relax; and L-theanine, chaga, melatonin, and magnesium glycinate in Sleep. Each has a certificate of analysis showing the lab results proving that the gummies do, in fact, have what they put on the label.

The THC side is hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, as opposed to the more synthetic hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, or D8, that’s flooded certain markets and been outlawed in a few states like Colorado. Other cannabinoids vary by the mood. Balancing CBD and focus-friendly CBG are added to Energy, for example, while Sleep gets a lower amount of THC but a higher amount of CBN (a cannabinoid known for having a melatonin-like effect) and CBD.

The cannabinoids are isolated for the gummies from hemp grown in Oregon. Three main criteria were used when deciding where to source from, founder Miles McKirdy tells me over email: “rich soil, organic farming practices, and experienced growers.”

As to the legal side? The 2018 Farm Bill defines hemp as a cannabis plant that has 0.3 percent or less THC by dry weight. Any more THC than that and it’s considered a Schedule I drug on the federal level. Golden Hour lays out its case as a legal product in its FAQ section: “In recent communications, the DEA has made it clear that it is concerned only with whether products contain artificially derived cannabinoids (ours don’t) and whether they exceed 0.3% Delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis (ours don’t). For this reason, our products appear to be lawful on the federal level.”

All of which means getting Golden Hour shipped to your door is as easy as ordering anything else online.

For experienced cannabis users and the canna-curious alike, it’s worth a try. It’s a family business–McKirdy started Golden Hour with his parents and his girlfriend, Jessica Arnone, is CEO–and the branding is nothing short of gorgeous. The (very) childproof tins feel like a classy way to indulge: a Roaring 20s style vibe with modern cannabis sensibilities.

The moods match what they say they’ll do. Normally someone who struggles with sleep, I was comfortably out (and remained out until morning) just an hour after eating one of the Sleep gummies. The Relax proved to be a nice way to transition from work mode to after-work mode at the end of the day, providing just enough of a high to get in a different mindset while not being so strong as to keep me from getting my backyard garden ready for spring. My favorite, however, was Energy.

I ate them before a work day when my schedule was more on the creative side than the back-to-back calls side. I ate two full gummies before a trip to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, and one before a night out when I wasn’t feeling like drinking. The balanced high, which I assume is thanks to the proprietary mix as well as the THC, was the perfect level for staying active, aware, and functional.

I caught up with McKirdy to have some questions answered and learn more about the brand.

Can you expand on the transparency at the center of Golden Hour?

At Golden Hour, we prioritize customer trust and safety, inspired by my cautious mother’s initial apprehension about our products. We provide independent third-party lab tests to educate and reassure consumers like my canna-curious mum, fostering confidence in the safety and moderation of Golden Hour’s product offerings.

I think a lot of us can relate to having a negative cannabis experience, be that from having too much or buying a product that’s underdosed. Therefore, transparency has become pivotal in our mission to deliver customer satisfaction and safety.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned user, transparency is key to building trust. Our commitment to openness not only addresses trust concerns but also educates consumers and adheres to regulatory standards, ensuring a reliable and reputable experience for all.

What went into creating each formulation?

When formulating our products at Golden Hour, we spoke to over 140 canna-curious and habitual users. When it came to buying gummies, the biggest factor influencing their purchase wasn’t price, branding or even flavor – it was function.

Knowing this, we meticulously considered the synergy between mood enhancement,our branding aesthetic and functional ingredients. Our selection process for each function involved careful consideration of various factors:

  • Scientific Research

    We prioritize ingredients backed by scientific research for their mood-enhancing properties. Nootropics and adaptogens are selected based on their proven ability to support deeper sleep, reduce stress, and promote energy and wellbeing.

  • Customer Feedback:

    We listen to new and existing cannabis customers' needs and preferences, incorporating feedback into our formulations. Understanding what resonates with our target audience helps us tailor our products to meet their expectations and deliver results.

  • Branding Aesthetic:

    Our branding aesthetic serves as a guiding principle in ingredient selection and education. We seeked nootropics and adaptogens that not only offer mood-enhancing benefits but also align with the overall vibe and messaging of our brand.

The design of the brand is wonderful. Any inspirations?

The creative direction was led by myself with my partner Jess providing key insights and acting as a sounding board. We’re obviously a very small team but we’ve already won several design awards beating some of the world’s biggest branding agencies while we’re at it.

Our inspiration stemmed from a concept of “modern nostalgia,” blending elements from 1950s-60s grocery brands with bold fonts inspired from the 1990s to today. The movie cover of “An Endless Summer” (1966) was particularly influential in shaping our aesthetic vision.

One thing we love is the diversity of the characters on each tin. Cannabis has universal appeal, and showcasing a diverse range of characters reflects its inclusive nature to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. We deliberately celebrate diversity to create a more inclusive representation while resonating with a broader audience, reinforcing the idea that cannabis is truly for everyone.

You previously worked in alcohol. What draws you to cannabis?

Transitioning from the alcohol industry to the cannabis space has been a very tough and enjoyable journey filled with opportunity, challenges, and a lot of research and development!

What I find most compelling about the cannabis industry is its rapid evolution and potential for positive impact. At this stage, cannabis vs. alcohol is a true David versus Goliath battle. Unlike alcohol, cannabis offers a wide range of therapeutic and wellness benefits, inspiring innovation and exploration in product development. Alcohol on the other hand continues to annually lead to more deaths than heroin and prescribed opioids combined. Knowing that I am in an industry that’s a legal social alternative to alcohol is something I cherish.

This is a weird, ever-changing market. Any concerns about that?

At this stage with cannabis regulations constantly changing, I have built a risk-tolerance that would make Evel Knievel proud.

Right now, the biggest burden to us ramping up is an ability to advertise without our accounts being shut down or shadow banned. That is why, in our early stages, we have made it a strategic priority to speak with journalists like yourself to showcase the benefits of the cannabis category and its potential impacts for today’s consumers.

What's your number one pro and con of starting a family company?
  • Pro:

    You get to work with your most loved (at times this is definitely tested!) humans.

  • Con:

    You have to work with your most loved humans.

Do you feel you need to bridge the knowledge gap for consumers?

Right now, we focus on educating new and existing cannabis users that hemp-derived THC and marijuana-derived THC are chemically the same compound, but they differ in their concentrations and legal definitions.

In these early stages, we’re discovering that many consumers may not fully grasp the differences, but more so, the similarities between hemp and marijuana. Regardless if it’s from the female plant (marijuana) vs the male plant (hemp), the THC molecules derived from hemp and marijuana are identical, possessing the same molecular structure, properties and effects. This seems to blow a lot of people’s minds.

One thing we didn’t foresee was people’s misunderstanding that hemp THC is “diet weed.” Educating a habitual cannabis user that our 10mg hemp-derived THC gummy is going to be just as effective as what you have to buy at a dispensary is very hard for them to understand.
Regardless of cannabis familiarity, we will continue to prioritize education, safety, and transparency to further build trust and credibility with our new and existing audiences.

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