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Our 7 Favorite Fitness Models on Instagram

Our 7 Favorite Fitness Models on Instagram

While we’re all for ladies looking good, on Instagram, we enjoy women who value the fitness aspect over the model aspect. There are way too many “fitness models” that would rather post lifestyle pictures and selfies of themselves looking sexy than the workouts that help them maintain their bodies. Pay attention because these are the ladies who actually have a thing or two to teach you about carving out that midsection and putting on some muscle.

Emily Skye

Australian model turned fitness guru Emily Skye is a Reebok Global Ambassador and the founder of the Fitness Inspiration Transformation (F.I.T.) program. When she’s not putting proper deadlift, lateral raise and shoulder press form on display through social media she’s hanging out with The Rock, launching her own cosmetics line and being a normal human being that loves online shopping and isn’t afraid to make a joke at her own expense. And even though she’s pregnant right now she’s still keeping up with her workouts. We could all learn a thing or two from her dedication. Link

Lindsey Vonn

American World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn has been winning awards, titles and championships for as long as the world has been paying attention. The most successful American ski racer in history wouldn’t be able to recover from injury and win titles as frequently as she does without a hardcore workout regimen, and she’s happy to share her incredible, occasionally Mission Impossible-style workouts with her million followers on Instagram. Link

Lauren Fisher

We all know skipping a workout is a bad idea. If you need a reason not to, look no further than Lauren Fisher. In addition to tackling all the rigors of college life, this 23-year-old student from San Diego is also a CrossFit athlete with a commitment to her workouts as strong as her commitment to hitting the books. If we spent half as much time during college crushing workouts like she does instead of crushing beers we’d be in way better shape. Link

Hannah Eden

If we’re being completely honest, we wouldn’t want to run into Hannah Eden in a dark alley. Her abs, arms and overall physique are so perfectly toned and sculpted that almost anyone would kill for them, which makes us think she may have killed someone for them. She’s a CrossFit athlete, founder of her own innovative training program called PumpFit Club, a Reebook trainer and a content developer for, Reebok and Men’s Health. Sure, she could probably kick your ass if she wanted to, but she’s also willing to share her considerable repertoire of fitness knowledge with the Internet. Link

Alexia Clark

With thousands of attractive women exercising on Instagram, making a claim like “Queen Of Workouts” would be crazy for anyone BUT Alexia Clark. Whether she’s working on her core at the gym, hitting the bars at the beach or giving bands a run for their money on the sidewalk, Alexia Clark is a straight up dynamo that fills her feed with workouts any average Joe or Jane could use to improve their overall health and well-being. The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified trainer, nutritionist, cover model and Reebok athlete is an inspiration to everyone around her, and that includes her almost one million followers on Instagram. Link

Christmas Abbott

CrossFit Games competitor. Olympic weightlifter. Badass Body Diet creator. National best-selling author. Online fitness coach. Motivational speaker. Transformational guru. Christmas Abbott also develops products like traveler mugs emblazoned with statements like “I run on coffee and cuss words” and beer koozies. And when she’s not doing all of that she’s also a member of a NASCAR pit crew. We honestly have no idea how she finds the time to do all of that and maintain the body that includes a killer six pack. Link

Jen Selter

No list of fitness models would be complete without Instagram’s most famous butt. While we’re certain that some part of it was definitely good genes, Jen Selter’s butt didn’t completely build itself, and she’s in fantastic shape because of the workouts that she regularly shares on social media. With close to 11.5 million followers on Instagram alone it’s damn near impossible to deny the impact that one piece of her anatomy has had on the world at large, but she’s also ridiculously toned and willing to share nutritional tips, exercises and motivational words with all her followers. Link