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What to Drink This Weekend: The Warthog, a Spiced Pear Cocktail

What to Drink This Weekend: The Warthog, a Spiced Pear Cocktail

Looking for a new cocktail to try out this weekend? Want to wind down with a fresh new drink? We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you should drink this weekend.

The weather has quickly cooled as fall has settled in. We’ve been switching up our cocktail rotations has the seasons have changed and the centerpiece of this week’s cocktail is a spiced pear liqueur. The combination of spice and sweetness makes this liqueur a deliciously warming drink perfect for sipping around a campfire. And the cocktail of choice to make use of the liqueur is The Warthog.

As Imbibe reports, The Warthog was created by Jim McCourt of Charleston’s Prohibition and crafted “in honor of his pet pig Bella and her love of pears and lemons.” For our money, that’s as good of a reason as we can think for making a cocktail.

The Warthog combines spiced pear liqueur with gin, lemon, juice, and honey for a cocktail that is as vibrant and botanical as it is cozy and inviting. While we think it’s an excellent choice for the fall, it’s also a drink that can work year-round.

The Warthog Ingredients

Gin – The botanical herbaceousness of gin works particularly well with the spiced pear liqueur. Opt for something light and refreshing. We’re very fond of Tanqueray London Dry Gin and Plymouth Gin for gin cocktails. Barr Hill is also an excellent choice.

Spiced Pear LiqueurSt. George Spirits makes a fantastic pear liqueur that makes the centerpiece of this cocktail. You could also make your own, but we’d recommend St. George’s version.

Lemon Juice – Grab some lemons from the grocery store and squeeze some lemon juice for this cocktail.

Honey – The use of honey adds a touch of sweetness to this cocktail. You could also make your own honey simple syrup but just straight up honey works fine, too. We’d recommend finding some organic, all-natural, local honey to use in this drink.

The Warthog Recipe

  1. Combine 1.5 ounces of gin, .75 ounces of spiced pear liqueur, .75 ounces of lemon juice, and .75 ounces of honey in a shaker.
  2. Fill with ice and shake until chilled.
  3. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.
  4. Torch a sprig of rosemary, blow it out, and garnish on the top of glass.
  5. Enjoy!
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