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8 New Beers You Should Know

8 New Beers You Should Know

When you hit your local liquor store or brewery in search of some new beers to try, there are a few we’d recommend keeping an eye out for. Some of these are brand new, some are seasonals making their return, and some were just announced for future release. So next time you’re out scouting some potential fridge-dwellers, look out for these.

Ninkasi Dawn of the Red

Complete with the faux Dawn of the Dead label, this IRA (India Red Ale) from Ninkasi will pair nicely with an episode of The Walking Dead. The hops add notes of mango, papaya, and pineapple, while the malts give it enough of a sweet backbone to balance it all out. Someone just has to bring the brains. Link

Red Ale • ABV: 7% • RATING: 87


Deschutes Jubel 2015

Jubel—or “Super Jubel,” as it’s often called—has returned 5 years earlier than expected. Last brewed back in 2010, the winter Strong Ale from Deschutes was originally only supposed be brewed once a decade, but lucky for you, it’s back early, and it’s glorious. All the sweetness, dark fruits, and spice of a great cold weather beer are present, and the time spent in Pinot Noir and new Oregon Oak barrels amps everything up. Drink now or age. Link

Strong Ale • ABV: 10.40% • RATING: 87


Dog Tag IPA

We’ll admit we’re a touch late to the party on this one, but we like what it’s about, so we’re going to include it. Dog Tag Brewery is owned by combat veterans and brews beers to honor fallen soldiers. To do that, not only do they donate 5% of sales to organizations selected by families of those warriors, but they also share their stories right on the cans. Pick up a 6-pack of their highly drinkable IPA if you live in Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia, or Wyoming. Link

IPA • ABV: 7.10% • RATING: 82


Sixpoint Abigale

Abigale is Sixpoint’s foray into Belgian style beers. It’s actually a beer Shane Welch brewed back in 1999 before Sixpoint was even a thing. Abigale—or “Abbey,” or “A-Big-Ale”—is a Belgian Pale Ale that draws inspiration from classic Abbey Ales with their candi sugar and European malts, but it gets a fresh Sixpoint twist. Lots of sweet butterscotch going on. Definitely keep your eye out for it. Link

Belgian Pale Ale • ABV: 6% • RATING: N/A


Sam Adams Rebel Rouser Double IPA

When Sam Adams released Rebel IPA it was kind of like a message to the craft beer community that Jim Koch and company weren’t to be forgotten. Now they’re back with Rebel Rouser to show they can do bigger versions, as well. It’s more malty than others, but it’s a damn fine and drinkable Double IPA that just shows that Sam Adams is still with it. Link

Double IPA • ABV: 8.40% • RATING: 87


Ommegang Nirvana IPA

We’re excited about this brew from Ommegang because it’s their first foray into American-style IPAs. Straying from their standard Belgian path, Nirvana IPA will be loaded with citrus notes and a honey malt sweetness. Actually brewed at Boulevard, look for 6-packs on shelves soon. Link

IPA • ABV: 6.5% • RATING: N/A


Flying Dog Supertramp

We’re calling it now: cherry is about to have a moment in the beer world. Supertramp from Flying Dog is just one of a few new cherry brews we’ve seen lined up for the coming months. We’re not talking sweet, artificial cherry, we’re talking lip-smacking, tart cherry. Supertramp will start with a little bit of that cherry sweetness, but finish nice and pucker-inducing. Look for it soon. Link

Fruit Beer • ABV: 4.6% • RATING: N/A


Victory Deep Cocoa

As we slowly segue out of the cold winter months, we still have the opportunity to warm up on cold nights with some rich brews. Just in time for the twilight of winter comes Deep Cocoa from Victory. It’s nice and roasty with a robust chocolate profile and lingering bitterness. Link

Chocolate Porter • ABV: 8.5% • RATING: 87