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8 New Beers You Should Know

8 New Beers You Should Know

When you hit your local liquor store or brewery in search of some new beers to try, there are a few we’d recommend keeping an eye out for. Some of these are brand new, some are seasonals making their return, and some were just announced for future release. So next time you’re out scouting some potential fridge-dwellers, look out for these.

Vault Nitro Can Coffee Stout

Tucked away in Yardley, Pennsylvania, inside an old bank, with an old vault still inside, is a brewery that just churned out something rather clever: a canned nitro stout without a widget. Vault’s ‘Nitro Can Coffee Stout’ is a creamy and roasty brew that demands a vigorous pour into a flat-bottom glass. Released for the first time this week, it’s a godsend to locals who love nitro brews but don’t always feel like going out. Smart, tasty, and worth the trip if you’re in the area. Link

Stout • ABV: 5.2% • RATING: N/A


Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven

Just in time for the return of Game of Thrones comes the latest series-inspired beer from Ommegang. The previous four—Iron Throne, Take the Black Stout, Fire and Blood, and Valar Morghulis—have been pretty decent at worst and tasty at best. This time, Brewery Ommegang delivers a Dark Saison, an interesting beer that exists somewhere between a classic Saison and your standard Dark Ale. A background yeastiness underscores the saison-like beer, and there’s a Belgian candi sweetness present, as well. Link

Saison • ABV: 7.2% • RATING: N/A


Weyerbacher Sunday Morning Stout

Well, Weyerbacher just dropped a gem. Their latest seasonal, Sunday Morning Stout, is an 11.3% ABV brew with rich bourbon and coffee notes. It rivals some of those rare, sought-after beers that drive online trading forums, yet you don’t need to put together a killer care package to snag a few bottles. Link

Imperial Stout • ABV: 11.3% • RATING: 95


Boulevard The Calling

For the times when you don’t feel like a Tank 7 (there shouldn’t be many of those times), Boulevard has released a new year-round offering for you to knock back. The Calling is an American-style IPA with plenty of tropical hop notes. The crisp, dry finish makes it refreshing even at 8.5% ABV. Link

IPA • ABV: 8.5% • RATING: 92


Green Flash Silva Stout

To launch a new bottle line of barrel-aged beers, Green Flash recently announced the release of Silva Stout. The base beer of Silva Stout is their Double Stout, which the team aged in some oak bourbon barrels to give it a more complex profile. The “Cellar 3” line, which is named after the brewery’s “Cellar 3” aging space, will see two other additions in the coming months. Link

Imperial Stout • ABV: 10.1% • RATING: N/A


Karbach Hop Delusion

Hop Delusion from Karbach Brewing Co. isn’t new—they’ve been making it for a couple of years—but it is coming to cans next month, and any time we can talk about it, we feel it’s our duty to do so. It’s one of those beers that’s a local secret. If you do happen to find yourself in Texas, it’s worth hunting down, because it rivals so many of those big name Double IPAs you’ve heard so much about. It’s a nice, bitter treat. Link

Double IPA • ABV: 9% • RATING: 95


Freetail Bourbon Barrel Aged Local Coffee Stout

Just hightail it over to Freetail in hopes they still have some bottles of this liquid gold still left. The recently released Bourbon Barrel Aged Local Coffee Stout from Freetail is a boozier version of their tremendous Local Coffee Stout. If you’re anywhere near San Antonio, it’s a beer worth the trip. Link

Stout • ABV: 7.7% • RATING: N/A


Prairie Weisse

It’s almost the time of year when a tart Berliner Weisse would hit the spot. In preparation, Prairie recently released Prairie Weisse, a sour and funky take on the style. Lip-puckering deliciousness from the makers of gems like Bomb! and Apple Brandy Noir. Link

Berliner Weisse • ABV: 4.5% • RATING: 92


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