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While it’s almost impossible to get everyone to agree on what constitutes the perfect everyday carry setup, it’s a fair bet that there’s going to be at least one multi-tool in there. When it comes to the best multi-tools, it’s a similar discussion. But most favorites include at least a pocket knife blade, wrench/pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener, and pocket clip.

Calgary-based Pichi design managed to combine all those features into a titanium multi-tool that weighs just over 1.5 oz and includes some unique twists. The most used part of any multi-tool, the blade, is made with a No.11 surgical blade that’s incredibly sharp, affordable, and replaceable, along with being removable for travel. It also has a dedicated pry bar unlike other options on the market which is extremely handy in the garage. Rather than adding folding screwdriver blades you’ll hardly ever use, this features an integrated bit holder that works with all your existing pieces. Then there’s the best part of the Pichi X2, the adjustable wrench. The Pichi X2 works on over 20 different bolt sizes and turns like a ratchet so you’re covered except for all the largest sizes. Back the project today.

Tovala Meal in front of oven_Credit Audrey Ma (1)

Christmas has finally come and gone. All that celebrating was well deserved, but it is time to focus on getting time back for yourself in 2022. That’s where the Tovala Smart Oven comes in. Their smart oven and chef-crafted meals work together so you can enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal at the touch of a button–without any of the heavy lifting. Pick and choose your favorite meals and Tovala makes it easier than ever to skip your meal prep. Get your Tovala Smart Oven here.