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It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a budding chef, watching YouTube stars or established brand videos, when it comes to basic knife skills, the most important knife technique is pinching the blade at the hilt for maximum control and precision instead of using the seemingly more natural straight finger. It feels abnormal, and it’s hard to get used to. But proper technique is something you’ll learn naturally with the Fiskars Summit Kitchen Knife because this four-piece set of stainless steel knives is built with an intuitive handle design that makes the ideal chef’s “pinch grip” the automatic place for your hand. With one 8″ chef knife, 6.5″ serrated utility knife, 5″ chef knife, and 3.5″ paring knife–along with associated blade guards and the previously mentioned “idiot-proof” handles–this is, quite possibly, the best set of learning knives on the market. Even better, the entire Fiskars Summit 4-Piece Knife Set is available now–with blade guards–from Amazon at a discount if you act quickly.

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