Since many of us are still home, we decided to do some digging to find useful products to help stay productive, occupied, entertained and fit while you’re At Home.

As much as we try to convince ourselves otherwise, fried foods are simply one of those things we can’t do without. The Doctor hates it, but he isn’t quite so mad ever since we started splitting hairs and frying things with air instead of oil with this Cosori Smart Air Fryer. As far as we understand this crazy, newfangled, 21st century technology, it involves a lot of fans and heat to recreate the frying process with air instead of oil to give you crispy skin and exterior–without the added grease and calories. We ran the entire setup through it’s paces a few times, and we’re happy to report it delivered on all of the “tastes as good as it would if it were fried in oil” claims, but we don’t have a doctor’s note to sign off on the health benefits. That said, even after just a few outings with poultry and potatoes, the grease collected in the baskets–that wasn’t consumed–was more than disturbing enough to make us this think this easy-to-use appliance is something everyone should have on their counter.


Stop debating between sandals and sneakers when it comes to your summer adventures. What if there was a shoe that was as breathable and comfy as sandals and was as stylish as your favorite pair of kicks? That’s the Hey Dude Shoes Wally Free Natural, the perfect summer shoe. They’re made with breathable materials and a smart ergonomic insole so you can wear them all day without having to worry about odor or moisture. They weigh less than 5oz. and have flex & fold technology for easy travel and packing. They’re even machine washable! Get yours today.