Listen up: we didn’t start the fire. It hasn’t always been burning; definitely not since the world’s been turning. But we do, in fact, know what Billy Joel was talking about. He was talking about the aftermath of the Adirondack Firestone Starter Kit. This kit includes a ceramic vessel, 2 bottles of oil, and a firestarter rod with added combustible marshmallow device. The process is simple. Soak firestarter rod in vessel filled with oil. Rub all around fireplace ashes and set ablaze. Then you toast some marshmallows, get smashed on box wine and make out until the sun comes up. Simple, really. Creating a solid fire is the key to man’s survival and one of the most surefire ways to impress a lady. Do you really want to be the guy lighting a fire with one of those long stemmed candle lighters? That’s what we thought.

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