This is the year to do right by your dad. With the world opening up and summer fast approaching, your dad’s going to need some new duds for the vacations planned and a few accessories to spruce up his tired wardrobe. We’ve got you covered from comfy clogs to fancy pens and everything in between because nothing says, “I love you,” like spending a few bucks on the old man!


CRKT Tuna Knife

There’s something to be said about a good pocket knife and the one from CRKT takes the cake for me in terms of design, functionality, and brute strength. Great for hunting, fishing, or everyday chores, the Tuna Knife has a 3.22” blade on a balanced handle for easy grip, making for a safer all-around experience as well. Slim and comfortable, it’ll fit right in his tool kit or pocket when he needs it.


The Greats - Classon Clogs

Dads get a bad rep for big clunky shoes, but I bet they’re laughing now that big clunky shoes are the style. The Greats makes some of the most comfortable clogs on the market, available in black, white, or a limited edition yellow. Their lightweight design leaves a lot of the clunkiness out of the shape and the leather details make it a bit upscale compared to competitors. Dad can, finally, retire the Crocs with these.


Matador Meggings

[Partner]  Men’s leggings specifically designed for the male anatomy featuring a no-VPL (visible penis line) modesty pad concealing the groin department, an open pocket for phone, a zipper pocket for valuables, a t-shirt/towel loop at the back, an inner drawstring, and high performance sweat-wicking silky fabric. They offer dozens of bold colors and wild prints!


Citizen Watches

[Partner]  Founded in 1918 on the principle of creating watches for all citizens of the world, They believe in purposeful power and how it can help the world rather than harm it. That’s why their watches run on Eco-Drive technology that harnesses power from any natural or artificial light source, preventing millions of batteries from entering landfills and helping to protect the Earth for future generations.


Tomahawk Shades - The Chester

Simple and no-frills, the Chesters by Tomahawk Shades are a great silhouette for the gold course, on a road trip, or poolside. Handmade from premium acetate, these shades are an alternative to brands like Ray-Ban without losing any of the swag.


Giuliva Heritage - Matches Box

Depending on your father, you may want to up the ante with a luxurious gift that he’ll treasure. Giuliva Heritage makes an array of products dedicated to la dolce vita and their matches box in gold is an exceptional heirloom item. The impeccable detailing and compact size makes this an elevated experience from the get-go. While not for every dad, those who will appreciate the finer things in life will definitely appreciate this gift.


Banana Republic - CPO Jacket

Refined, rugged, and incredibly versatile, the CPO Jacket is one of those workhorse wardrobe pieces that can be easily dressed up or down. Made from a comfortable cotton-spandex blend in a comfortable silhouette, the CPO jacket can be paired with slacks or keeping it simple with jeans and trainers. And it’s on sale right now. Buy one for your dad and one for yourself.


Otto Hutt design01 Rollerball Pen

I’ve written before about having a quality pen and I’m going back to Otto Hutt for Father’s Day. The design01 is their entry-level pen, but that doesn’t mean it is any less of a masterpiece in design. A slick silhouette and a metal body gives this pen some weight without compromising on style and design. Available in ballpoint, fountain pen, and rollerball for your dad’s preference – but I’d go for a rollerball. It’s an upgrade from a ballpoint without all of the fuss of a fountain pen.


GH Bass Lug Weejuns

You may want to ask yourself, who is your father’s style icon? Sadly, my dad’s is Doug Heffernan from The King of Queens, but I’m sure that’s not the case for every dad. Weejuns have a long history in the celebro-sphere, including Steve McQueen and JFK. Being unpretentious and just an all-around good shoe, this is a classic option for anyone, so why not your dad?


Timex Marlin Watch

This manual watch harkens back to mid-century design and the tactility of the timepiece will be an added bit of fun. The Marlin’s comeback on the watch scene has been great to see and it’s a recognizable model that has roots dating back to when your own dad was a kid. If he’s a fan of Mad Men, he’ll love this.


Fjallraven Hip Bag

Hip bag…fanny pack…tomato…tom-ah-to. There’s no denying the usefulness of one of these bad boys. Everything you need right in one place, for bike rides or days at the beach. Fjallraven’s superb craftsmanship and material means you don’t have to worry about anything breaking and the various styles are great for any style.


Allbirds Wool Loungers

You know the scenes in The Sopranos where Tony walks down his driveway to get his newspaper, robe open, and in boxers? If those scenes were shot today, he’d be in Allbirds Wool Loungers. They’re incredibly comfortable, versatile, and with a hard sole easy to go from inside to out. And, with the wool construction, they’re breathable and don’t hold an odor (but that’s more a present for your poor mother).


Bombas Tri-Block Marl Ankle Sock 6-Pack

Speaking of comfort, ditch the 10-pack of Hanes and get him some Bombas. While some may balk at the price, that’s because they haven’t tried them out. A tailored construction with a comfortable band in the arch, these socks are made to be enjoyed, not just worn.


Magazine Subscriptions

What kind of father do you have? Chances are, he’s not reading many magazines, but he should be. I’m a big fan of giving out subscriptions for gifts and if you’re scratching your head, here are some options for your dad. L’etiquette for the stylish father; The Rake for the classic enthusiast; and Garden & Gun for the all-American guy.

DSC_0392 (1)

Montreal-based watch upstart Solios has introduced an uncompromised approach to watch creation that is equally stylish, sustainable, well-built and elegant. The end result is a full complement of solar-powered watches bearing the Solios name that are the perfect blend of minimal and functional while also being clean and renewable. In other words, you’re strapping one of the sleekest and most stylish watches that also happens to have been built with Mother Earth in mind. Since it’s available in a number of case colors, dial colors and eco vegan leather options, there’s a Solio Solar Watch for everyone.