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Tri-Pi for Lavvu Shelter Building Tool

Tri-Pi for Lavvu Shelter Building Tool

Whether you’re in a desperate situation in the great outdoors or you want to flex your DIY muscles, this ingenious device is for you. The Tri-Pi from RoughTimba is a simple tool that transforms humble branches into a stunning shelter. All you need is three sticks, cut to about six feet each, and a tarp. Insert the sticks into the holes on the Tri-Pi, place them in the ground, and cover with your tarp. Now you’ve got shelter.

The Tri-Pi comes in a variety of colors and clocks in at just 1.6 ounces so you can bring it on any adventure. Plus, it includes a few small holes so you can clip in a lantern for a light in your makeshift tent.

Crafted for wanderlust souls and camping enthusiasts alike, the Tri-Pi Shelter Building Tool showcases innovation at its finest. Whether you’re deep in the wilderness or just your backyard, its clever design empowers you to create sturdy structures in seconds.

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