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A good flashlight has always been an EDC staple, but these days, there’s not much need for self-defense flashlights because we’re all much more concerned about the virus than we are about being outside. That’s where the RovyVon Angel Eyes E700U Flashlight comes in. In addition to a 2800 lumens super bright output from the CREE XP-G3 LEDs that can illuminate a distance of around 400 ft, this flashlight has 3 UV-C LEDs on the side that can be used to sterilize your gear. The germicidal effect uses a wavelength of 270nm which has can be 99.9% effective at killing or inactivating harmful microorganisms according to the NIH. Keep washing your hands regularly because it doesn’t work on skin, but being able to quickly and effectively sterilize the gear you’re still using regularly is also important. As if that peace of mind wasn’t enough, it can also be used as a USB powerbank and has a magnetic tail base so you can stick it to things while you’re working on late night projects.


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