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Byrna’s less-lethal self-defense weapons are the best alternative to traditional firearms. Case in point, the Byrna SD Pepper Kit. This CO2-powered launcher handles like a pistol, but it shoots .68 high-impact plastic projectiles and chemical irritants at speeds up to 181 mph with an effective range of 60 ft. In addition to being an effective self-defense weapon, it’s also a blast to shoot if you have the outdoor space for plinking and target practice. As with all Byrna launchers, it’s legal in all 50 states and doesn’t require a background check or permits to own. Upgrade your self-defense kit with Byrna today.


According to scientists smarter than us, 40% of men have low testosterone and male testosterone continues to drop 1% annually. Are you one of the 66 million men in the U.S. that is facing this problem?  You need to find out. That’s where Wellcore can help. Painless at-home blood collection (yes), painless at-home injections (yup), dedicated clinical team (thumbs up) and 100% at-home convenience (hell yes). This scientifically-backed hormone optimization program can improve strength, fat loss, bone density, libido, blood pressure, and mood. Best of all, use code COOLVIP to get a Wellcore At-Home Assessment Kit for just $19 ($180 off!) today.