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Tested: New Stündenglass Modül Dok Easily Swaps Between Concentrate and Flower


I am anything but set in my ways when it comes to the wide range of single-purpose cannabis consumption tools out there. Pipes, vapes, dab rigs, one-hitters of all shapes and sizes–all have a time and a place. But recently, I’ve found myself reaching over and over for a new handheld, dual-purpose dry herb and concentrate piece: the Stündenglass Modül Dok.

The Modül Dok launched in mid-February. It centers on an anodized aluminum base. A 6-inch rectangular Dok glass (a thick and durable glass type) magnetically snaps onto one side, while the Modül (the heating control center with a high-resolution, full-color screen) magnetically snaps onto the other. It has two tank options: one for flower and another for concentrates. Both have a level of control that makes it easy to match the experience I’m looking for at the time, whether that’s a low-heat, terpene-heavy hit of concentrate (it offers exact temperature control between 482℉ and 842℉) or a bowl of new flower.

Stündenglass Builds on its Product Range

Stündenglass was started by Tracey Huston. He was an employee at Apple in 2012 and wanted to upgrade his jug-and-bucket grav bong, according to Gear Patrol. The original Gravity Infuser was born and a company name referencing the product settled on: Stündenglass means “hourglass” in German.

Things took off when a prototype made it to Seth Rogen through a family friend. A video of Rogen using the Stündenglass took off, with hundreds of thousands of views across Facebook and YouTube complete with comments from a horde of people wanting to know what, exactly, he was hitting. Growth seemed inevitable. On April 20, 2020, Grenco Science purchased the company. The connections to a certain type of celebrity only deepened with collaborations with Wiz Khalifa and the Grateful Dead.

The beauty of those original Gravity Infusers hasn’t faded, and neither has the joy of using them. But the company is more than just variations of the Gravity Infuser. On February 16, 2024, Stündenglass released the portable, easy to handle Modül Dok.

  • 3mm borosilicate glass
  • Magnetic adaptor rings
  • 6” rectangular Dok glass
  • 2” bent neck mouthpiece
  • 4 hole welded stem percolator
  • Anodized Aluminum Base
  • Magnetic Stundenglass Valve Stem
  • 90° USB-C charging cable

Credit: Stündenglass

Testing the Stündenglass Modül Dok Bundle

Putting the Modül Dok together is self explanatory. The star of the piece is the Modül, which thankfully is just as intuitive to use as putting the pieces together. The options on the 2.4-inch screen are controlled by a click wheel on the side. While the screen aesthetics of my smoking gear isn’t something I generally think about, those who want to change the look of the screen can choose between seven color themes and a day or night mode. With the concentrate tank in place (magnetically, like the other connections), you can set the temperature and heating timer (from 10 seconds to 1 minute).

The quartz dry herb tank combusts the flower at 850-900℉ rather than vaporizes, so there’s no temperature control there. The menu automatically changes to a screen without the temperature dial when the dry herb tank is attached. The timer also changes, to range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

I’ve been swapping between the two tanks since it arrived and quickly found my sweet spot on each. With concentrates, it hits gently and delivers full terpene flavor at the lower temperatures. The higher temperatures deliver exactly what you would expect from the high heat, which I tested in the name of reviewing the full range of the Modül Dok. Those who prefer those high-temp hits know who they are and will appreciate the full spectrum. Those who aren’t sure can quickly get a precise test.

With flower, I’ve found it delivers powerful hits that aren’t lung busters. The longer heat time is a nice addition when passing the piece around–something that its hand-held size and sturdy design make easy.

The Modül has a solid battery life of up to 50 sessions and fully charges in 2 hours. In a pinch, it can charge and be used at the same time (providing you can move your session to a spot near a plug).

After each session, or when switching between concentrate and flower, the tanks easily pop out to be swapped and cleaned. Just make sure the tank cools fully before removing it. Seems obvious, but things happen.

Is it Worth the Price?

People familiar with Stündenglass products know that the designs come at a high price. The original Gravity Infusers go for $600. Does it look far more appropriate in a home than a sloppy home-made grav bong set up? Undeniably. Can the cost be justified? If you’re the type of person who can utilize each of the features from cocktail smoking to herb smoking.

The Modül Dok Bundle lands at $449.90 and you get the Modül plus the choice of either the dry material tank or the concentrate tank. Purchasing the tanks a la carte (for example, adding in whichever one you didn’t choose in the bundle) costs $100 for those who want to switch them out whenever you like.

Like with the Gravity Infusers, the once-in-a-while smoker would probably be just as well served by a simpler and cheaper set up. Yet for regular consumers, the Modül Dok’s level of control paired with its easily portable size (especially when paired with the dedicated travel case) make it something that can prove its own value as it becomes the piece you reach for time and time again.

Stündenglass Modül Dok Bundle
Stündenglass Modül Dok Bundle

Buy: $449.90