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Reusable water bottles are everywhere. You can get them in metal, plastic or glass. You can get them with screw off caps, pop-tops, and those weird straws you have to simultaneously bite and suck. But most of them still come in the same tried and true bottle shape which is inconvenient for carrying around in your bag. Memobottle is making slimline reusable bottles from BPA-free Tritan that are durable, dishwasher safe and produced in form factors similar to common paper sizes. The A5 measures 148mm x 210mm and holds 750ml. The A4 measures 210mm x 297mm and holds 1.25L. The Letter measures 216mm x 279mm and holds 1.25L. In addition to sliding into your bag seamlessly (you can finally stop using that bag you hate just so you can conveniently carry your water bottle in the side pocket), the transparent bottles are leakproof and will stand up vertically. Saving the planet never looked this good.


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