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Victorinox x Off-White Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox x Off-White Swiss Army Knife

When it comes to multi-tools, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife has been the name to beat since we were all in the Boy Scouts. Virgil Abloh might have passed a little over a year ago (RIP), but that doesn’t mean his Off-White brand isn’t still putting out products he had his hand in. Case in point, the Victorinox x Off-White Swiss Army Knife you see here. Limited to just 3,000 pieces, this Off-White c/o Victorinox piece of hardware is billed as “a directional co-created limited edition pocket knife born out of a passion for outstanding design.” In practice, that means more than ten different tools ranging from blades and drivers to saws and openers all packaged in a less than 3.0 oz package outfitted with white Corian scales and black print featuring heritage and evolution symbols. As with all things Off-White, it’s the best looking option on the market… if you can stomach the price tag.

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