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Polydrop Camper

Polydrop Camper

The notion of buying a massive camping trailer is harrowing. Will we use it enough to justify the expense? Where will we store it? Do we need another vehicle to tow the beast? Well, Polydrop manages to respond to all of those questions with its new camper. The base model is a hair under $17k, it has a small footprint, and you don’t need a huge truck to tow it. The handsome polygon shape actually reduces drag, and it comes with structural heat control, a roof rack, awning, and an outdoor kitchenette in the back. The Polydrop also has a double bed, ample storage, skylight with a bug screen, and some sweet gullwing doors. Upgrade to the all-electric version, and it adds HVAC, a fold-out table, additional lighting, full audio, and a control console.

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