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If you’re like me and struggle to reliably get a fire going on camping trips, the Ignik FireCan might be your saving grace. This portable bonfire allows users to easily get a roaring fire on the beach, at a campsite, in your backyard, or anywhere really. The durable and packable ammo can design makes this a truly on-the-go fire solution that packs up nicely and hold its own in harsh conditions. Furthermore, the raised design means you don’t have to worry about environmental damage thanks to the collapsible legs on the base. The mesh sides and removable lid allows for better heat transfer so you’ll stay properly warm.

While the Ignik FireCan comes with a 5 ft. quick-release hose with an adjustable regulator, you’ll need to purchase your own propane tanks. Ignik does sell kits that include tanks and a handy carrying tote but you’ll need to fill them yourself.

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