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Brad Leone’s Field Notes for Food Adventure

Brad Leone’s <em>Field Notes for Food Adventure</em>

Looking to upgrade your chef skills in the great outdoors? Want to cook a killer meal on your next camping trip? Pick up a copy of Field Notes for Food Adventure. This guide penned by Bon Appetit chef and YouTube personality Brad Leone features recipes and how-to cooking tips alongside notes and stories on how to live life in the wild. Experiment with unique ingredients and cooking methods to nail even the most complex recipes. Leone has cataloged guides for making Sous Vide Mountain Ribs, Fermented Bloody Marys, Cold Root Salad, and more.

Field Notes for Food Adventure was a New York Times Bestseller and was named Food52’s Best Cookbook of the Year. If you’re a fan of Leone’s sense of humor and cooking sensibilities, you’re going to want a copy of this book.

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