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norda 001 Regolith Hiking Shoes

norda 001 Regolith Hiking Shoes

norda has been taking the hiking game by storm since they first released their hiking shoes in 2021. Now, the team is back with the norda 001 Regolith, a pair of hiking shoes crafted with a statement of adventure and individuality. Built for the modern explorer, these hikers seamlessly blend top-notch performance with a unique design.

The norda 001 Regolith shoes boast a rugged exterior that’s as tough as the trails you’ll conquer. The upper is made entirely out of Bio-Based Dyneema fiber while the shoe sports an exclusive Vibram midsole and soleplate, along with Megagrip Rubber 5mm lugs. Sustainably made and built to tackle the toughest trails, these are some badass hiking shoes. What’s more, each pair of hi-vis Regolith hiking shoes features a hand-painted midsole so you get an extra touch of personality. The muted, earth tone colorway is both understated and stylish, making the norda 001 Regolith perfect for the streets and the mountains.

The 001 Regolith hiking shoes from norda are available now for $285 CAD or roughly $210 USD.

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