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With its blades and drivers and wrenches and scissors and saws and other tools, the multi-tool is an essential part of the everyday carry. There are a lot of great everyday carry multi-tools on the market, but none of the existing ones are like the ElevenD Folding Hook Multi-Tool you see here. Unlike other options on the market that prioritize a maximum amount of tools over everyday usability, the ElevenD is a new type of multi-tool that focuses on one primary objective–the way we interact with the environment around us–and builds other tools around it. What does that mean? A special hook that deploys from the ElevenD to allow you to operate doors, latches and handles without ever touching them. It can also be used to carry heavy loads (like multiple plastic grocery bags), hang a bag or a purse from a table or even push buttons on a dirty ATM. In other words, the ElevenD makes it possible for you to go about your daily business without having to touch gross public knobs, handles and buttons. Even better, it can also be used to open boxes, crack bottles and even as a hex bit driver.


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