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Days on Tracks Alpaca Camper 1

Days on Tracks Alpaca Camper 1

You’d never guess what Hookie Co. has been up to lately. It just started a new brand known as Days on Tracks, and it builds…pop-up campers. The DOT Alpaca is a single unit that incorporates the rooftop tent, rooftop loading area, and opening window hatches. The tent attaches to the pickup bed but can also be removed. Remove gear from the loading area, pop up the tent, and you have sleeping quarters for two. Inside the tent is a full-sized bed and selectable ambient LED lighting. The unit is made with a powder-coated aluminum frame, and the doors can be made with aluminum, wood, or lightweight carbon fiber. You can choose between four different tent colors, too: Black, Sun Yellow, Bright Olive, and Natural White. The Camper 1 can also take on accessories like awnings and additional lighting.

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