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When it comes to home-defense, Byrna just took the entire game to the next level with their re-engineered Mission 4. Previously available only to law enforcement agencies, this powerful rifle alternative is the ultimate, high-capacity solution for both property defense and backyard fun. Speaking of fun to shoot and home-defense, The Mission 4 propels Byrna Kinetic rounds at up to 325 feet per second (221 MPH) at your intended target with ease, so there’s no way you’d want to be the person or the bottle on the other end. Upgrade your home arsenal with Byrna’s perfectly kitted out Mission 4 today.


According to scientists smarter than us, 40% of men have low testosterone and male testosterone continues to drop 1% annually. Are you one of the 66 million men in the U.S. that is facing this problem?  You need to find out. That’s where Wellcore can help. Painless at-home blood collection (yes), painless at-home injections (yup), dedicated clinical team (thumbs up) and 100% at-home convenience (hell yes). This scientifically-backed hormone optimization program can improve strength, fat loss, bone density, libido, blood pressure, and mood. Best of all, use code COOLVIP to get a Wellcore At-Home Assessment Kit for just $19 ($180 off!) today.