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Much like everything else, leave it to the Japanese to blend all of the American influences into one cohesive product and bank on the outcome. This time around, it isn’t about denim, camo, or anything else fashion-related, it’s about whisky (no e, you degen). Early last year, the team at Suntory dug through the archives to find barrels that were over fifty years old to create the Yamazaki 55-Year Old blend you see here. This release is so special that Suntory themselves recommends tasting it out of a Burgundy glass–which also means it’s going to be damn near impossible for the average whisky aficionado to enjoy. But at least the brand is giving you all the tips you need to enjoy your expenditure to the fullest because according to our rough math these bottles are already changing hands for around a couple million. In the meantime, we’re hoping someone will let us taste one with them.


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