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Keurig has become a workplace staple thanks to its ease of use and speed. While a few coffee snobs might snub their noses at the quality, the Keurig has been widely accepted as a coffee brewing option. However, there is a near-unanimous agreement that the single-use K-Cups are clearly not environmentally friendly. CoffeeB, created by Swiss company Delica, is attempting to solve that with their fascinating single-serving coffee balls. Rather than store them in plastic, CoffeeB produces a small sphere of pressed coffee that is coated in a patented protective film. The film is a natural polymer like you’d find on pills and CoffeeB says that it’ll keep the coffee ball stable and fresh. Organic, compostable, and cleverly designed we’re seriously impressed with the idea. The question remains whether folks will buy into this system but we’d certainly give it a try.

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To access the preferred investment of global billionaires, you used to actually need billions. But not anymore. You just need Masterworks, the award winning investment platform. Masterworks allows you to invest in shares of contemporary art, an asset class that’s outpaced the S&P 500 by 164% for the last 25 years. It’s so easy to use that over 500,000 members are already benefiting. In fact, since inception Masterworks has delivered a 29% average Net Realized Return to investors. Cool Material subscribers can skip the waitlist.