Ah, the Bloody Mary, the socially acceptable way to get your drink on first thing in the morning. Like every cocktail, people have been experimenting with their own recipe as long as it’s been around. And then, at some point, someone said, “Let’s just get fucking nuts with it,” and insane Bloody Marys started popping up left and right. Here are some of the most badass ones we’ve come across.

1. The Bloody Masterpiece

Complete with 13 garnishes – is a bacon cheeseburger a garnish? – The Bloody Masterpiece has become somewhat iconic. It’s won awards, been featured on national television, and left many thirsty customers stuffed before they even reached the booze. (Sobelman’s – Milwaukee, WI)

2. Fuck Brunch

Since the Anvil Pub doesn’t offer a weekend brunch menu, the owners decided to stuff a brunch in a drink instead. It’s got crawfish, beef jerky, and other delicious snacks to tide you over. (Anvil Pub – Dallas, TX)

3. Meat Shot Glass Bloody Marys

Taking a break from just stuffing ridiculous things into a Bloody Mary, this ingenious take on the drink lets the whole Bloody Mary (shot) sit in its own beef container. (Recipe)

4. Pizza Bloody Mary

This is the Bloody Mary the Ninja Turtles would have consumed if they were alcoholics (looking at you, Michaelangelo). The recipe includes ingredients like oregano, red pepper flake, and basil that will remind you of having a slice of pizza. Top it with some mozzarella and pepperoni and you’re good to go.(Recipe)

5. The Bloody Best

The Bloody Best features a combination of some of our favorite foods: Tater tots, steak, and alcohol. It also has a beef straw, which is always a plus. (The Nook – Atlanta, GA)

6. Bloody Ella with Pork Rib

No need to go overboard with tons of garnishes, one simple one should do the trick in most cases. At Ella’s, that one simple garnish happens to be a hickory-smoked rib. (Ella’s – Tampa, FL)

7. Limited Edition Bloody Mary

Perhaps the greatest part of this insanity is it will only set you back five bucks. For that, you’ll get a bloody mary topped with a pretzel, a bag of popcorn, sliders, bacon, and more. (O’Davey’s Irish Pub – Fond du Lac, WI)

8. Bottle-Aged Bloody Mary

The guys at The Woodsman Tavern age their Bloody Marys a few days in bottle to let the flavors meld and the harsh edges mellow out. It’s a refined Bloody Mary experience. (The Woodsman Tavern – Portland, OR)

9. The Chubby Mary

Smoked fish and booze? We’re in. After you’re done downing your drink, you have a plate of crackers arrive to enjoy your fish with. (The Cove – Leland, MI)

10. Brunchtime Bloody Mary

This Bloody Mary is an ode to the Chicago-style hot dog. An by an “ode” we mean it includes one for you to eat while you get drunk. (The Grid – Chicago, IL)


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