Brooklyn spirits brand St. Agrestis earned a reputation for whipping up perfectly balanced pre-packaged cocktails. Their tiny Negroni bottles and boxed Boulevardiers are both fun and delicious. And to celebrate the month of Dry January, St. Agrestis has launched a non-alcoholic version of their beloved cocktails: the Phony Negroni. Packaged in their iconic 200ml bottles, the St. Agrestis Phony Negroni is a non-alcoholic negroni cocktail with bitter notes of juniper and sweet citrus flavors mimicking your favorite Italian cocktail. It’s also slightly carbonated for a bubbly kick. Chill ahead of time and enjoy straight from the bottle or pour over ice and add an orange twist. St. Agrestis is shipping 12-packs of the Phony Negroni for $60 anywhere in the country. Act fast because we don’t think these will stick around very long.


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