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Stroll through the aisles of any specialty grocery store and you’ll find dozens of new juices, sodas, sparkling waters, kombuchas, and teas that look nearly identical to cans of craft beer. The high-end non-alcoholic beverage market has exploded with niche offerings, unique flavor options, and excellent refreshment. High on our list of these brands is Ruby, which produces delicious low-sugar hibiscus water. Tart and thirst-quenching, Ruby has earned a perennial spot in our refrigerators. And we were thrilled to learn the brand was launching a line of canned sparkling hibiscus water. Because everyone knows bubbles = refreshment x1000. On March 29, Ruby is launching three flavors: Sparkling Hibiscus Unsweetened, Sparkling Hibiscus Blood Orange, and Sparkling Hibiscus Concord Grape. Each has a unique flavor but the cohesive feel is like a nostalgic, low-sugar soda. And the stunning artwork on the cans is courtesy of contemporary artist and musician Robert Beatty. Cans of Ruby Sparkling Hibiscus Water are available for $35/12-pack on Ruby’s site, Amazon, and in-store at a variety of retailers.


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