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One word: quality. In 1903, Eduardo León Jimenes started making cigars so good, they’ve become the well-established beacon of quality and craftsmanship today. La Aurora offers 12 different sampler packs of their cigars so you can experience the original Dominican cigar in all its forms this year. Plus, free shipping on all orders right now. So now’s the time to stock up. Poker nights. Back patio sessions. Birthday presents. Because you want a fine cigar. Any reason works for us. Order a sampler pack of La Aurora cigars today and enjoy yourself.

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If you’re anything like us, you love the idea of never setting foot in an office ever again in favor of working remotely all the time. However, it’s not always easy to replicate the productivity of a traditional office setup. That’s where Xebec comes in. Xebec’s flagship product, the Tri-Screen 2, instantly adds two extra screens to your laptop so you can be productive from anywhere. Take your remote work game to the next level. Check out the Tri-Screen 2 today.