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We all have our favorite ice cream vendors. Whether you choose to get your scoops from a local shop or you’re content with pints from the grocery store, you likely have a preferred ice cream destination. But, what if you could craft your own ice cream from the comfort of your home? That’s what Hijinx promises. Hijinx is a DTC brand selling ice cream mix for you to make a custom pint in your kitchen. All you need is milk (water or alternative milk works fine too), a blender, and your imagination. The Hijinx ice cream mix itself consists of milk powder, sugar, cream powder, and everything that would go give your creation the proper ice cream consistency. Blend that with milk and some wacky flavors, leave it to freeze, and you’ve got some tasty ice cream.

We gave it a try ourselves and were impressed with the results. We whipped up two flavors: Cardamom Orange Blossom and Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tart. And they both tasted fantastic! One word of warning, the Hijinx ice cream mix itself is very sweet so no need to add any extra sweeteners or sugar. We also left the mixture to freeze for about 6 hours and it might’ve been better served with 7 or 8 as it melted fairly quickly. But, it was an extremely fun and easy experiment nonetheless!

Hijinx suggests that you embrace your creativity and try as many wacky flavors as you can. Invite friends over and spend a day concocting anything imaginable. While it could be fun to see what ginger hot sauce ice cream might taste like, I know I’ll probably stick to my tried and true cinnamon or coffee flavors. Hijinx is available as a single pack or you can get 4- or 8-packs for a discounted price.


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