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The holidays call for seasonal drinks. Sure you’ve got your winter-friendly cocktails and beers. But, when the weather drops and the holiday movies are playing, we turn to coquito. Coquito is often branded as the Puerto Rican version of eggnog, adding coconut milk and rum into the mix. Frankly, it’s far superior to the eggnog of yore, especially when you make it fresh yourself. And homemade coquito has never been easier thanks to the Coquito NYC Home Kit.

Coquito NYC provides just about everything you need to make the perfect batch of coquito at home. Simply add the included ingredients (vanilla, spices, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and coconut milk) to a blender with egg yolks and your choice of rum, blend it all up, pour it into the provided glass bottles, chill them, and enjoy! Any rum will do but we tested this batch out with the coconut water rum from Coconut Cartel and had marvelous results.

Families who make coquito themselves might swear by their legacy recipes, but for those new to the drink this is a great jumping on point. Plus, the ease and convenience of the Coquito NYC Home Kit makes whipping up a delicious coquito a cinch. Cheers to the holiday season with your new favorite holiday drink.

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