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Beloved bourbon distillery Buffalo Trace has introduced an impressive auction this month to support Keep America Beautiful, the largest community improvement organization in the US. The Buffalo Trace Bourbon Heritage Month Collection features 50 1.75L bottles of Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon with hand-painted designs inspired by each state. So you could score a Massachusetts with Fenway Park or a Springsteen-inspired bottle of New Jersey. Additionally, each winning bid includes corresponding physical and digital artwork and a VIP distillery tour. The artwork was commissioned by Louisville, Kentucky-based artist and illustrator Bri Bowers.

“Bourbon is a uniquely American spirit, and we’re proud of that heritage,” shared Sara Saunders, Vice President of Global Marketing for Buffalo Trace Distillery, in a press release. “As America’s oldest continuously operating distillery, Buffalo Trace Distillery has deep roots pioneering the category of American Whiskey, and we’re thrilled to mark Bourbon Heritage Month by celebrating not just our home state – the birthplace of bourbon – but also the states our bourbon-loving fans from coast to coast call home too.”

The auction will run from September 7 to September 22 and all proceeds will be donated to Keep America Beautiful. Bidding started at $75 per bottle but now range from $200 to $600+ depending on the state.

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