After more than a year of total isolation, we’re ready, willing and able to get back out into the world because we got the jab and we have nothing to worry about, right? Not so fast. Despite the fact Lollapalooza wasn’t a super-spreader event with its almost 400k attendees, the Delta variant of COVID is still an issue, and health professionals far more intelligent than us recommend maintaining mask protocols and social distancing–even if you’re vaccinated. We don’t particularly like any of that, but we’re all used to masks at this point. Now is as good a time as any to once again update our list of face mask options so you can stay safe while also keeping it real. As is the norm now, keep in mind that some of these options are small batch, pre-order or backorder, so make sure you’re checking the shipping dates if you need a new mask like yesterday.

High Five

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