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Wear This: Beer Garden

Wear This: Beer Garden

It’s the season for taking Friday nights outdoors, for ditching the dimly lit interiors of local bars in favor of the long, communal tables of an outdoor beer garden. Since it’s not quite summertime hot, a slight breeze can be in the air as you share a drink. Luckily, Dockers® has you covered for your beer garden attire. We recommend layering a chambray shirt over a tee and pairing that with some Alpha Stretch Washed Khakis, which won’t leave you feeling constricted as you carefully maneuver a piece out of that Jenga tower. Keeping the pretzel mustard off your pants is up to you.

  • Dockers® Alpha Stretch Slim Khaki, Slim Tapered – $78
  • Dockers® Stitched Beveled Edge Belt – $36
  • Dockers® Maritime Graphic Tee, Slim Fit – $48
  • Dockers® Chambray Shirt, Classic Fit – $60

Sending a special thanks to Dockers for teaming up with CM on this post. Check out more about the brand and shop the looks we’re featuring here at

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