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Colder Months Are Here. Replace Your Cumbersome Blanket With This Quilted Shirt

Colder Months Are Here. Replace Your Cumbersome Blanket With This Quilted Shirt

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Fall is my favorite season. Cold is finally here, Santa is coming, my son is on his way home soon, and we’re in the middle of the NFL season. Duhn, dunh, dunh, dunh, duuuuunh.

That said, with fall comes the cold. Sure, there are blankets, but how versatile is that in the house or on the porch? There’s also the option to throw on a big sweater like my old man and read the paper in a lounge chair with a Marlboro and slippers (well, maybe not the lounge chair). But I’ve got a better idea: a great mid-layer that is good-looking, versatile, and won’t have you risk tripping with your hot chocolate. A mid-layer that lets you walk the dogs while still in your PJs and a long-sleeve t-shirt. You do that too, right?


The mid-layer for me is the Relwen Quilted Shirt Jacket from Huckberry. This flannel piece of wonder is my current go-to for the cold. It’s also given my grunge days a serious upgrade. It’s a warm blanket and a Swiss army knife in my closet: rugged enough to handle the outdoors, but sharp enough to wear when teaching or hitting local bars. There are so many small details I love about this jacket. It has a soft green interior made of 100 percent recycled polyester insulation that compliments the outer shell. I love the side pockets for tucking in my hands during said dog walks, as well as for stashing away a pair of emergency gloves. I also love the short-winged collar that can clip up and swat away the wind on my neck. I can even throw a good sweater under it, and the combination holds up to any cold day of the year. Hell, I even find myself falling asleep at night in this thing.

The proper mid-layers like this one is a cup of chicken tortilla soup for your long sleeve t-shirt. Warm, colorful, and cozy that bridges the gap for when you need a puffy parka that you’d wear in the dead of winter. It’s better than your blanket in that it’s both more versatile and the right combination of insulation and softness.

Do yourself a favor: put your blanket to pasture and get a Relwen Quilted Shirt Jacket from Huckberry.


Specs: Relwen Quilted Shirt Jacket

  • Outer made from 100 percent cotton brushed flannel twill
  • Lined with soft polyester ripstop on the inside
  • Insulation made from 100 percent recycled polyester
  • Quilt-through design gives it a nice texture and a one-piece construction
  • All interior seams are bound for a clean finish
  • Classic outer-layer fit, slightly larger than a regular button down
  • Hidden side-seam hand pockets lined in brushed tricot
  • Pre-washed so it won’t shrink on you
  • Two flap chest pockets lined in brushed tricot
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