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The Perfect Fit: Custom Clothing Sites

The Perfect Fit: Custom Clothing Sites


One company’s “Large” is not the same as another company’s “Large.” So while you can have a general idea of what you’re getting yourself into, buying some new clothes online is still very much a guessing game. That’s why we recommend, for at least part of your wardrobe, going custom. You’ll get clothes that fit you perfectly and look exactly how you want them to. Need some help getting started? Here are some solid picks.

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Suits: Indochino

If you’re investing in a suit, there’s no way around it, you’re going to spend some money. Since this is the case, you’re going to want something that looks perfect on you. For our money, there’s no better option than turning to Indochino. They offer custom suits in a variety of styles and colors and let you take control of the little details as well. You measure yourself in 10 minutes; pick intricate aspects like the lining, the lapel style, and more; then you get your suit in about a month. Even cooler, if your suit for some reason doesn’t end up fitting right, Indochino will give you a $75 credit for a local tailor or fix the issue themselves. Indochino

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Shirts: Ratio Clothing

Whereas a suit is not something you’ll probably wear everyday (unless you’ve got one of those fancy jobs), a shirt could be. Investing in some perfectly tailored ones is the easiest way to upgrade your daily style. Ratio offers tons of styles that work for both the office and the corner bar. Whether you want something plain, some chambray, or you want to go all gingham style, Ratio has you covered. Instead of the standard two measurements you normally look at when buying a dress shirt, Ratio incorporates five so the fit is just right and you look damn good. Ratio Clothing

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Denim: Den.m Bar

We wear our jeans until they disintegrate. The reason, finding a pair of jeans that fits just right is not an easy task. For bespoke denim, there’s den.m bar. While it comes at a price, grabbing a pair of jeans from den.m bar assures you that you won’t have to go shopping for the next two weeks straight searching for the right fit. Den.m Bar

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Make Your Own Jeans


Pants: J. Hilburn

For your more professional leg-covering options, turn to J. Hilburn. Their trousers are made from high-quality materials (mostly from Italian mills) and are available in a serious amount of styles. You meet with a style consultant in your area, they measure you up, and you get a pair of pants that are guaranteed to fit or you get a full refund. J. Hilburn

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Footwear: Mantorii

It’s hard to describe the pleasures of custom-made shoes to someone who hasn’t tried them before. There’s a whole other world of fit outside of being a size 10. Mantorii will get you hooked up with a pair of shoes that are perfect for your feet. They walk you through the measuring process, you trace and email an outline of your feet to them, and they’ll provide you with your new favorite shoes within four weeks. Mantorii

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Belts: BeltCraft

If you’ve ever used an awl to punch a new hole in your belt, you know the issue with some standard offerings. It’s not the hardest thing in the world to find a belt that fits, but it can be difficult to find the exact style and size you’re looking for. Belt Craft gives you complete control over the whole process. You choose everything from the material to the color of the stitching. BeltCraft

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Mitchell Leather Factory


Ties: Drake’s London

Getting a bespoke tie is by no means a necessity in life. It is, however, a nice luxury that Drake’s of London wants to offer you. Dropping the cash on one assures that your knot is always perfectly sized and you have some neckwear no one else does. Whether that is justification enough for you to spend over $200 on one is totally your call. Drake’s London

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