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Next Level Key Carrying

Next Level Key Carrying

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the tried and true keys on a ring setup for opening your house, apartment, office and/or car because keyrings are functional, readily available and simple. But there are a lot of alternatives out there that eliminate jingling and pocket bulk while simultaneously streamlining the entire process of using your keys. Here are our favorite options for next level key carrying.


Keydisk 2

The Keydisk 2 uses two anodized aluminum plates, custom screws and an irregular hexagon shape to do exactly what the name implies–turn up to nine keys into a disk. Most of the other options are focused on turning your chunk of keys into one longer, rectangular shape, which is great for hand feel but still leaves your pockets feeling a little bulky. With the flat, hexagonal shape of the KeyDisk 2, you get something that feels good in your hand and won’t gouge you in the thigh when it’s in your pocket. Link


The bulkiest part of any key is the part that’s almost completely unnecessary–the head. The only things key heads are good for are helping you differentiate between your keys and leverage to actually twist open a lock. Cut off the key heads, mount it into a recycled bike chain with custom hardware and you have the idea behind the TIK. The product itself actually ships with blanks that you have a locksmith cut, but the result is the same: 40% of the weight of a standard set of keys, unlimited amounts of keys with added chain links and one of the smallest possible solutions for all your keys. Link


Think of Keysmart like the updated, Kickstarter version of a Swiss Army Knife designed specifically for your keys. Available in seven different colors of aircraft grade aluminum or titanitum, each of the two models (Standard and Extended, for longer / International sizes) holds your keys on either end with stainless hardware. Unscrew either end with a penny (or screwdriver, but who has time for that), add or change your keys, fold it up, and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to hold, easy to use and comes in enough different color options to suit everyone’s tastes. Link

Keyport Slide

The Keyport is one of the most advanced key options on the market. Using a proprietary blade system, the Keyport holds up to six inserts that you access by sliding a color coded screw to the front. Car keys. House keys. Office keys. USB flash drives. Bottle opener. Mini-light. Pens. Barcodes for store cards. Automobile transponder chipped side plates. The Keyport Slide has all of those options and the slide mechanism actually makes using your keys convenient and enjoyable. It’s pricey, but the hardest part is actually limiting yourself to the six things you use most. Link


Losing your keys is still a problem most of us face on a regular basis, but you don’t need one more bulky attachment on your keys if you have KEEO. Using Bluetooth smart technology, KEEO will pair with your Android or iOS phone and help find your keys with the findMe function in their app. More importantly, it’s designed for one-handed operation. Once you have your three keys inside (no modifications required), select which key you want with the toggle on the side and push the assisted release button to pop out your key. Link


Panny is different than every other option on this list because it’s more of an organizer for your keys than anything else. Rather than stacking your keys and locking them in place together, you slide up to four keys into the individual, universal slots. Each Panny is made of ABS and polycarbonate and includes a slot for a thumb drive, a clip, and a string and shackle (for something like your car remote). If you want to use your keys one at a time, or clip them to your pants when you’re exercising, there’s no better option than Panny. Link

DIY Swiss Army Keyring

If you have some spare time on your hands, you can also make your own Swiss Army Keyring out of commonly available metal, wood tools. It’s going to take more time than simply clicking a buy link and waiting, but you’ll be able to show off your own handiwork every time you need to use your keys. Since it’s a DIY project, you can use whatever wood you want (or no wood) and make it exactly as large or small as you want. Link

Carabiner Key

The Keybrid Carabiner key is a clever alternative for carrying a few keys with an existing key. Once you start adding keys to your Keybrid (after you’ve had the blank cut by a locksmith) it’s not going to be as streamlined as some of the other options because you’re still basically using a carabiner. If you don’t mind a little bit of bulk, the device you’re using to carry your keys is a key itself, and that makes it a pretty excellent key carrying alternative. Link