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8 Dad Hats Perfect for Summertime

8 Dad Hats Perfect for Summertime

It might be hot as hell outside, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to shade your face or cover up a messy ‘do in a pinch. You need a quality hat for the summer months. We know some still lean on the five-panel, but we’re gonna make a case for adding a 6-panel “dad hat” to your rotation for the warmer months. Whether you’re a dad, dad-to-be or just someone looking for a cool alternative, these are our favorite 6-panel hats for summer.

NASA Dad Hat

If the first thing you picture when you look at this hat isn’t your dad wearing it then you didn’t grow up like we did. The slightly faded colors of the 100% cotton hat make it look like it’s been worn everywhere from Disneyland to Cape Canaveral, and the buckle slide closure is a dad favorite. Plus, you know, NASA. Space is cool. $12

Poler Big Bill Hat

In addition to some of the best bags and camping gear on the market, Poler makes accessories and apparel that would look good on practically anyone. The Big Bill Flopster—shown here in what they call the Bear Paw Print—is a 6-panel, unstructured, soft brim hat with a cool pattern that works as both sun protection and an added pop of color for your outfit. $20

Six Panel Studio Dropout Bear Hat

Despite the fact that the bear that adorns Kanye West’s The College Dropout was unplanned, it would go on to become an iconic mascot of the pop culture pantheon. Thanks to Six Panel Studio you can display your love for all things Kanye West with a simple 100% cotton cap with an antique brass buckle closure. Bonus points because it also serves as an immediate litmus test for people’s hip hop knowledge. $24

Gucci Mane Ice Cream Dad Hat

For those of you that choose to live your life “Cool as ice” but don’t want to commit to a face tattoo of an ice cream cone, there’s the Ice Cream Dad Hat inspired by the Gucci Mane’s well-known tattoo. The red hat with gold embroidery even features the word “Burr” on the back in case everyone around you doesn’t know you’re, as Mane’s spokesperson said, “So icy, I’ll make ya say Brr.” It’s a funny and irreverent and we dig it. $25

Mishka Siesta Dad Cap

Iconic NYC streetwear brand Mishka started in the world of tees but has since grown to be a staple for everything from headwear to accessories. While their eyeball prints and clever uses of imagery and text about drug use are sure to be a hit in certain circles, when it comes to dadwear we like the Siesta Dad Cap. The simple and colorful cap displays to the world that you’d rather be napping without explicitly saying so. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a good siesta? $26

Vans Court Side Baseball Cap

The maker of your favorite pair of summer sneakers also makes one helluva summer dad hat. The Vans Court Side Baseball Cap is a one size fits all hat available in five different color options with different branding on the front. For our money, it’s all about the Crown Blue variant with the retro style multi-color patch that depicts some palm trees and a bird. It’s got that coast style while still being a functional five-star hat. $28

Topo Designs Nylon Ball Cap

Not content to just slap a cool logo on their interpretation of a classic six-panel dad hat, Topo Designs gave their version a stereotypically Topo treatment with some clever colorblocking and a new strap design. The lightweight nylon ball cap is easy to pack, available in a bunch of different colors and features a unique webbing buckle closure. $32

Huf Formless Classic H 6 Panel Hat

If you want a hat that puts more focus on a clean silhouette and understated simplicity than branding and clever imagery, look no further than the Huf Formless Classic H 6 Panel Hat. Available in black, navy or red, this one size fits most baseball cap is adorned with only an H and it’s in the same color as the body of the hat. Like all of Huf’s other excellent streetwear goods it’s timeless without being boring. $38