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Heritage Gifts For Dad

Heritage Gifts For Dad

A tie isn’t a good Father’s Day gift. But a tie designed like the one he wore in college is. Something like that has meaning, and it shows you care. That’s the idea behind each of these gifts. They’re all rooted in history and come packed with a story when you give them. Pick the right one, brush up on the description, and show dad you put some thought into your gift this time around.

Btw – Be sure to check out our Gifts for Dad collection in the shop. Some seriously good gift picks there.

Harry Stedman Classic T-Shirts

Philip Stedman turned to his father for inspiration when it came to his clothing brand. Harry Stedman, the name of the brand and the name of Philip’s father, is all about garments with an old soul. Their Classic T-Shirt is just like the one Harry Stedman wore, with slightly longer sleeves and a heavyweight feel. Made in the USA and crafted to last. Buy

Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask

True to the design of the 1819 flask it’s based off of, the Great American Flask is steeped in tradition. It’s the kind of flask that men in your family could have used for generations. Each is made of solid copper and features a historically accurate American birch wood stopper. Not only is it the flask your dad might have taken swigs from, it’s the flask his dad might have, too. Buy

Schoolhouse Writing Set

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. teamed up with Slideshow press to create this writing set inspired by office products of yesteryear. Everything down to the colors was borrowed from products that existed when your dad was growing up. Included are stationery sheets with envelopes and a folio-style folder to keep them organized. Because dad grew up in an age when men sent letters, not texts. Buy

Premier Edition Scrabble

Everyone’s favorite “break out the dictionary” game has a history that dates back much further than the introduction of Words With Friends. This Premier Edition of Scrabble is designed like the version dad would have played growing up. True to the version used decades ago, the Premier Edition includes a hardwood cabinet, storage tray, and fabric tile pouch. A little nostalgia for game night. Buy

Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Hats

Knickerbocker took over a 60-year-old manufacturing company when they were closing up shop. And what’s really cool is they kept true to the previous company’s drive to produce solid, old-fashioned goods right in New York City. Today, Knickerbocker skillfully crafts hats rooted in history. Each is an ode to a style and a quality of a time gone by. Buy

Haspel Walk Short

Joseph Haspel Sr. basically introduced America to seersucker in the early 1900s. When his sons took over his company in the 1950s, they helped the preppy summertime staple find its way into the wardrobes of presidents and famous actors. Now, with the help of Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos, Laurie Haspel, Joseph’s granddaughter, is reviving the brand and bringing back the pieces from your dad’s time. We recommend the Walk Short, which is cut shorter and available in iconic seersucker like the version your pops grew up in. Buy

Fujifilm X-T10

You’ll have to wait until a few days before Father’s Day to get it, but if your dad likes to snap pictures, consider giving him the latest camera from Fujifilm. With a vintage look and feel to remind your dad of the camera he used back in the day, the X-T10 slyly gives him modern power and technology. Retro looks; new-school abilities. Buy