At some point in life, we all agreed with the sentiment that yoga for men wasn’t manly enough exercise, but all it takes to convince you otherwise is one Bikram session. Yeah, there’s a chance you might be the only guy in a class. But the benefits are too good to ignore. Reductions in stress, anxiety, back pain and depression. Improved balance, flexibility, stamina and posture. The only problem is “Yoga Gear for Men” isn’t exactly a booming market yet. But we’ve got you covered there:


Lululemon The Reversible Mat

The most essential yoga prop on this list is, unsurprisingly, the yoga mat. Yoga on a hard floor is gross, uncomfortable and also dangerous, so you need the mat to act as a barrier and safety device. Lululemon’s The Mat is packed with so much technology that it’s actually patented. The reversible, ultra-absorbent, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial surface is perfect for everything from corpse to crow poses, and it gets grippier the more you sweat to prevent accidents and general disgustingness.


Peace Yoga Cork Yoga Blocks

Do you really need a set of yoga blocks? Maybe not, but we don’t see why you wouldn’t capitalize on the benefits you can reap from them. Use them as supports to decrease the amount of strain on your body. Use them during restorative poses. They’ll also improve your poses and unlock more challenging options when you’re ready to step up the difficulty. Since these are nondescript cork, you don’t even have to hide them when guests drop by.


Amazon Basics High-Density Round Foam Roller

Foam Rollers aren’t strictly necessary when it comes to yoga, but there are benefits for beginners and pros alike. Beginners will find it useful to assist with poses and pressure when learning, and advanced students can utilize it to add a level of whole body difficulty. Foam rollers are also extremely useful for loosening up your muscles, self-massage (yeah, yeah) and working out kinks after a workout or bad night’s sleep.


YogaRat Yoga Towel

If you’re doing any sort of hot yoga, a yoga towel is a must. Not only are you going to want to wipe the sweat from your, well, everywhere, but you’re going to want to stay put on your mat and yoga towels help when you’re sweaty af. It isn’t just for sweat though. If you happen to be using a community yoga mat, it’s an added barrier of protection between you and whoever used it before. Plus, it’s comfortable and extends the life of your more expensive mat.


Yoga[Addict] Men’s Yoga Shorts

There’s a world in which men’s yoga pants are actually a thing, but we have yet to find any we actually like. Scaling up a pair of women’s yoga pants for dudes just wouldn’t be comfortable, and the alternative “fisherman” style pants are some weird hammer pants / karate gi hybrid. Go with a pair of longer yoga shorts because they’re comfortable (94% cotton / 6% spandex), still have pockets, and you can wear them in public.


Nike Solid Futura T-Shirt

Truth be told, you could get away with wearing any tee you’re comfortable exercising in, but we like these Nike Solid Futura options for a few reasons. It’s thin and breathable. It’s clean and available in multiple colors. The ribbed neck, the athletic cut and the soft-stretch fabric give you just the right amount of room for movement. It’s a shirt designed for exercise and yoga is definitely exercise.

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