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The Only 10 Pairs of Sneakers You Should Consider This Summer

The Only 10 Pairs of Sneakers You Should Consider This Summer

The best summer sneakers are versatile, breathable, durable, and, most often, white. They’ll hold up against the sun, sand, and street—or wherever you decide to go—and look better with wear. These are going to be your uniform, your “I barely even had to think about putting these on” sneakers, your “beach to lunch to the office to the bar” sneakers. Here are the best summer sneakers this year.

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

Don’t let a slip-on sneaker make you feel old; these checkerboard Vans should do the exact opposite. They’ve been worn by the most stylish of men and been summertime-approved by almost every style expert in the industry. Trust the experts and get a pair. Buy

Nike Air Max 1 in Sand

Did you miss out on the more exclusive Air Max 1 colorways? Well, you’re in luck. The best looking one—yes, seriously—is available now, and you don’t need a bot or a friend that works at Nike to get one. Hand over your $110 and a pair is yours. Buy

adidas Busenitz RX

adidas has had quite the year; their Yeezy releases sell out in seconds, their athletes are releasing the hottest shoes, the NMD and Hu collections are top sellers, etc, etc. They can’t lose. But, while everyone paid attention to the buzzworthy releases, adidas put together a line of “German Trainer” silhouettes that warrant equal hype. Get your hands on a pair and people will wonder how much you paid and how long you waited. Buy

Vans Canvas Authentic Lite

Here’s the ultimate beater shoe. It’s Vans’ historic low-top silhouette made out of reinforced canvas. So, they’re light, extremely low profile, and surprisingly durable. They can take a beating without ruining your feet. And then when they’re ruined, it’s a cheap restock. Buy

Gola for J.Crew

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, the Gola and J.Crew collaboration should work for you. It has the same low profile as these other shoes, but it’s a bit more structured and a bit more solid. It’s also not completely white, so if you’re more into neutral, earthy tones, these won’t be too clean for your look. Buy

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Monochrome Low

The monochrome, high-top version of the Chuck Taylor All Star is hard to find. It’s a good look that’s perfect for the stylish, skater type. But, if you’re not into high-tops, nor do you have the time to do the detective work needed to find a pair, the low-top version is now available on Converse’s website. They’re a viable anytime-anywhere sneaker that won’t cost you much to replace.   Buy

New Balance Pro Court 212

Do you need a little bit more arch support? Do you want to give off a bit of an older vibe? The New Balance Pro Court 212 is where it’s at. The Pro Court comes in a couple of different colorways, but this Maroon, felt-detailed one is the best for the buck. Buy

Oliver Cabell Erving

Inspired by vintage basketball sneakers, the Oliver Cabell Erving is a luxury low-top sneaker that’s made to look like a beater but intended for your finest nights out and your best outfits. It’s made using high-end materials and they’ll last the whole season because they’re meant to. Buy

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High

There are strict instructions included when buying a pair of these. No, they’re not on any pamphlet in the box, nor would Converse necessarily approve of them. But, when you put these on, you better beat the shit out of them. They don’t look really good until there are at least two stains. The proper, red-white-and-blue colorway looks best with its fair share of black, brown, and grey stains and scuffs. Buy

New Republic Man Kurt

Here’s a similar-in-look, different-in-design sneaker. The silhouette may not differ much from its cheaper competitors, but the quality and comfortability do. So, if you’re looking for something to keep clean and to be comfortable enough for everyday wear, these are the best fit for you. Buy

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