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9 Pairs of Slides That Don’t Look Like They’re For High School Soccer Practice

9 Pairs of Slides That Don’t Look Like They’re For High School Soccer Practice

When the warmer weather comes, the t-shirts, shorts, and slides have their moment. It’s a great feeling when the sun touches your skin for the first time since last year. Sure, there was probably some sun here and there throughout winter, but nothing matches that feeling in spring. But, when the sun comes out and your feet escape socks, don’t let them find freedom in some crusty flip-flops. Get yourself some nice slides and steer clear of the most dangerous rhetorical question: “What are those?!”

Birkenstock Zurich Exquisite Premium

Birkenstocks aren’t only for fuzzy-sock-loving hipsters. Birkenstocks should be your go-to slide if you like comfort and quality. The black, premium-leather edition verges on high-fashion; but, with sweats, and maybe even socks, you could fit these into your daily wardrobe. $225

Base Camp Slide II

These are the trusted standard. They’re comfortable, simple, and sturdy. The North Face has made the perfect slide for lounging, errands, or even the movies. If you’re planning on wearing them out, you’ve got to own them. $35

Steve Madden Resport Plush Slide

These are the ultimate “fantasy slide.” What’s mean? It means that when you’re wearing them, you’ll look like you own a 30-foot yacht, a million dollar mansion, a private resort, and a private jet. These plush slides by Steve Madden look and feel really damn good. And while they look like they’re worth a million bucks, they’ll cost you less than $40. $39

Vans Slide-On

Vans makes quality shoes. They have for over 50 years. Brazened across these synthetic leather, all-day-wear slides is the famous logo from day one. They have a curved footbed, neoprene lining, and even come in two other checkerboard prints. $30

ASOS Denim Slider

It’s impossible to find a slide that looks any more like “vacation” than these. These denim slides look comfortable, casual, and fun enough to wear all day and all night. Order them now, book a vacation while you wait for them to arrive, and get ready to kick back. You’ve earned it; winter was hard. $19

Vans Nexpa Slide

The Nexpa is the newest slide from Vans. It features the iconic checkerboard print with a Vans watermark, neoprene lining, a cushioned footbed, waffle outsole, and hook-and-loop straps on both feet. These are comfortable enough to wear all day—even if you planned on standing for most of it. $42

Brandblack Kashiba Slide

These are the most minimal of the list. They’re nubuck leather lined, suede finished slides with an arched footbed and very limited logo-work. They are the most formal slides on this list—if that’s even a thing. $50

Greats Slide

These slides feature an Italian wool upper, premium neoprene inner lining, and an “air-pillow-like” footbed that’s sure to rival even your best closed-toe footwear. These are office-ready—if your office is lax enough. $89

Nike SB Benassi Solarsoft

You can’t leave Nike off this list. Sure, most of their slides look like courtside and bench gear, but sometimes, in their lifestyle lines, they’ll sneak a good-looking pair that’s a little more versatile in. The SB Benassi is from their skateboarding line and they look good in both black and red. They’re affordable for their quality, too, so get a pair in each color. Pool season is around the corner and you don’t want to be left behind when the time comes. $35