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The 25 Best Menswear Shops in America

The 25 Best Menswear Shops in America

Clothing is inherently difficult to buy online. Between guessing on sizes and worrying about quality, getting it right takes as much luck as it does research. The good news is this country is littered with fantastic menswear shops you can visit. Regardless of where you live, there’s at least one we give the thumbs up to not too, too far away. Here are our favorite 25 menswear shops in America. If you happen to love the comfort of your computer chair, most allow you to shop online as well. 


Austin, TX

The Stag empire has grown over the last eight years, as the purveyor of durable, attractive menswear now has five locations for you to choose from, along with a robust online shop. Austin is where the company began and those Texas roots are seen in a lot of what they offer. Think Marlboro Man meets James Dean and you’ll understand a bit about their stylistic views. Dig through their racks and you’ll come across hard-to-find Levi’s, gear from Rogue Territory, and a good dose of Americana. Link


Boston, MA

When it comes to streetwear, Bodega has kept Bostonians happy for years. Hidden behind a faux bodega, Bodega sells gear from the likes of APC, Carhartt WIP, Neighborhood, and Surf Is Dead. They also carry larger names like Nike, adidas, and New Balance. Bodega has its finger on the pulse, curating clothing that’s of the moment and often attention-grabbing. If you’re the kind of guy who was on the dad hat trend before it broke and had a collection of long-sleeve tees before every artist was selling them as merch, Bodega is the spot for you. Link


Chicago, IL

As the name hints at, everything Independence sells is made in the USA. That means you’re getting dependable quality and timeless style. Forget the loud colors and odd cuts; at Independence, shelves are stocked with crumpled, casual blazers; heavy denim jeans; and accessories that blend in. Brands include Levi’s Vintage, Gitman Bros., Engineered Garments, and other American heavy hitters. Link


San Francisco, CA

Every time Unionmade has an end of season sale, we drop what we’re doing and check it out. That’s because Unionmade stocks tons of our favorite brands, many of which end up with a few items on the sale rack. Those brands include Tellason, Shinola, Filson, Barbour, and many others. Located in San Francisco, Unionmade has been filling our dresser drawers since 2009 with well-made, good-looking clothing. We’re not the only ones who are fans; GQ named Unionmade one of the 10 best independent menswear stores, and SF Weekly proclaimed it the best men’s shop in the city. Like a lot of others on this list, if you don’t live in the area, you can shop online. Link


New York, NY

When it comes to sneakers, few places do it better than KITH, the New York institution founded in 2011 by Ronnie Fieg. Fieg was a big name in the footwear world and KITH immediately became a destination for hard-to-find Nikes, New Balances, and adidas sneakers. KITH has expanded and now offers far more than fresh kicks. You’ll find hoodies, tees, plenty of collaborations, and other things to get excited about. Of course, for us, we still turn to KITH when we want something new for our feet, and you should too. Link

Armitage McMillan

Denver, CO

Daniel Armitage and Darin Combs both worked in the menswear world in NYC. Their resumes include stops at UNIS New York and The Brooklyn Circus. The two left the hustle and bustle for Denver in 2014 and opened Armitage McMillan. The shop blends their wealth of knowledge with the natural beauty of the Colorado Rockies. What does that mean in terms of clothing? Pieces at home in a city or on a trail. Pick up gear from the likes of The Hill-Side, Saturdays Surf NYC, Save Khaki, and more. Link

Sid Mashburn

Atlanta, GA

Sid and Ann Mashburn are industry vets who decided to open their own shop in 2007. Sid spent time at J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lands’ End, and he brought that preppy aesthetic to the store the couple opened. At Sid Mashburn, you’ll find fitted blazers, chinos, collared shirts, and more office-ready garb. In other words, Sid Mashburn is not the place to find Yeezys. If you consider yourself a put-together, modern gentlemen, we can think of few better shops. Link

Blue Owl Workshop

Seattle, WA

Blue Owl Workshop is the place to go for denim. You want a pair of raw denim jeans you can add your own personal fades to? You’re in the right place. With jeans from the likes of 3sixteen, Japan Blue, Momotaro, and Rogue Territory, Blue Owl Workshop has your legs covered. Of course, it’s not just jeans that line the shelves; Blue Owl Workshop also has a carefully curated selection of tops, shoes, and accessories. That said, you go here for the jeans, because they know denim. Link

Need Supply

Richmond, VA

You wouldn’t expect to find one of the best menswear stores in Richmond, Virginia, but that’s exactly what you’ll come across should you head down West Cary Street. Need Supply has been one of our favorites for close to 20 years. The store started as a small shop for vintage Levi’s, a premise we can most certainly dig. Others were digging it to, as it slowly expanded into a little empire that now includes one of the most well-stocked online shops we know of. The clothing on sale is really a blend of streetwear and heritage, with fantastic curation keeping us hooked on what’s coming next. Link

Deus Ex Machina

Venice, CA

Deus Ex Machina has taken the greasiness of bike culture and blended it with fashion in a way that just works whether you own a chopper or not. Stop by the Venice, California, outpost to drink a coffee, check out some bikes, and, oh yeah, score some really sick clothing. Graphic tees. Sun-soaked sweatshirts. Stain-ready denim. Deus Ex Machina has everything a Cali bike rider could want. Link

Totem Brand Co. 

Philadelphia, PA

Totem focuses on American-made goods. That means brands like Danner, Gitman Vintage, and Ebbets Field Flannels line the shelves of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shop. And when you talk made in the USA, you’re talking durability and a rugged timelessness, so expect heavy denim, waxed canvas bags, and well-made tops throughout the store. If you aren’t traveling to the City of Brotherly Love any time soon, you can shop Totem online. Link


Los Angeles, CA

Paul C. Witt is the mastermind behind Wittmore, a Los Angeles outpost with a strong online presence. His desire is to showcase emerging brands along with established ones he’s a fan of. That means a good mix of pieces, with jackets and button-downs ready for the office, Pacific Northwest-inspired jackets, and boundary-pushing basics. As a fashion industry vet with 20 years of experience, Witt brings a lot of stylistic knowledge to Wittmore, and that makes it worth your time. Link

HUB Clothing

Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve been around for over 25 years, you must be doing something right. That’s the case with HUB Clothing, a legendary shop in Phoenix, Arizona. With denim from standout brands like Nudie, Rag & Bone, and A.P.C., they’ve got you covered when it comes to jeans. When it comes to tops, you’ll get to choose from a selection of pieces from under-the-radar brands we love like 18 Waits, Odin, and Maiden Noir. The selection is tight and curated, but the options are so solid you won’t be begging for more racks. Update: HUB Clothing closed since the date this article was first published.

Welcome Stranger

San Francisco, CA

We view Welcome Stranger as a shop for the average guy looking for better clothing. What does that mean exactly? Well, the options at Welcome Stranger aren’t wild or daring, but they are well-made, attractive, and an upgrade over quite a bit out there. You’ll find single color pocket tees, all black bombers, and chinos that fit perfectly. These are simple wardrobe upgrades we’re big fans of. Link

Self Edge

San Francisco, CA

Since 2006, Self Edge has been the stop for denim in the United States. Now there are multiple stops, as Self Edge has expanded with stores in New York; Portland, Oregon; LA; and even in Mexico. All are good, but we’ll recommend the original in San Francisco. Owned by husband and wife partners, Kiya and Demitra, Self Edge hunts down the finest denim brands, many you’ve never heard of, and allows you to find your next pair of jeans that will last years. That said, Self Edge is more than just Iron Heart, Studio D’Artisan, and The Strike Gold, they also stock flannels, tees, and well-made outerwear. Plus, with their vintage machines, they can do alterations right on the spot. If you need jeans and you’re in the area, you’d be a fool to go elsewhere. Link

Supply & Advise

Miami, FL

Inspired by Americana, the military, and work wear, Supply & Advise has curated a collection of goods that are built for the long haul. You’ll find lots of gear with vintage aesthetics, whether that’s tees that look pulled from a football game in the ’70s, jackets that could have been worn in Vietnam, or bags that look like ones your dad might have trusted when he was younger. There’s a heritage feel to it all. Trusted brands like Filson, Gitman Vintage, and RRL are featured prominently. Link


Los Angeles, CA

For the streetwear maven with cash to spend, Union Los Angeles is the spot to go. Off-White collabs. Fear of God on the racks. Brands everyone else will be wearing in two months time. Union is up on everything. That’s what happens when Chris Gibbs steers the ship, and he has since 2004. Expect a lot of Japanese inspiration and cuts that are very of the moment. But also expect to find pieces you won’t find elsewhere. Link

Modern Anthology

Brooklyn, NY

Calling Modern Anthology a menswear store is doing it a disservice, as the Brooklyn outpost serves up more than fine threads. So, yes, you can pick up home accents and accessories, but the same timeless quality found in their objects is also found in the clothing that fills the racks. When it comes to garb, expect tailored pieces that posses the forever cool someone like Paul Newman was a fan of. Heavy denim chore coats from Knickerbocker. Solid color tees from Save Khaki. Bombers from Krammer & Stoudt. All the clothing is timeless. Sure, grab a new lamp or a heavy-duty blanket, but don’t skip over the jeans and tops that are draped from the hangers. Link


St. Paul, MN

Since 2009, BlackBlue has provided the Twin Cities with durable, attractive clothing from the likes of Freenote, Tellason, and other brands synonymous with stylish dependability. There’s a clear emphasis on denim, as the store stocks the aforementioned brands along with imports like Pure Blue Japan. In fact, going through BlackBlue’s brands list is like looking at a list of our personal favorites, which is why we always make a stop when we’re traveling through St. Paul. Link

Lone Flag

Del Mar, CA

Lone Flag is a Cali shop with plenty of made in the USA clothing and made in Japan denim. They pride themselves on being well-versed in the brands they carry, so if you want to know where something is made or who the person is that made it, they can give you the backstory. Whether you’re buying something from an established brand like Reigning Champ or you’re buying from a smaller label like Word., they can help fill you in on all you need to know. Link

Manready Mercantile

Houston, TX

Manready Mercantile proudly displays their Texas roots. There are tees with longhorns and a distinctly Texan vibe to a lot of the goods. It’s something that can’t be faked; no NYC store could pull off the feel so authentically. Expect to be greeted with a good dose of Americana, as the store is full of made in the USA goods. The initial focus was on selling the candles Travis, the owner, was making. That expanded into a collection of durable, good-looking clothing and home goods, meaning you’ll find beaten up dad hats, baseball tees, and relaxed button-downs. Imagine looking for clothes for your role as an actor in The Sandlot and you’ll get the idea. Link


Washington, D.C.

There aren’t many menswear shops you can make a reservation at for dinner. Maketto is an exception, as the space is both a retail outpost along with a restaurant and cafe. Get a bite to eat and then get ready to peruse some fine garb. Maketto stocks gear from A.P.C., Vans, Carhartt WIP, Neighborhood, Alpha Industries, and more brands that always seem to pop up on trend lists. The clothing ranges from streetwear to timeless classics, meaning you can get a tee from adidas Y-3 to pair with some new Red Wing boots. We like that variety. Link

Indigo & Cotton

Charleston, SC

If you live the carefree life, Indigo & Cotton has the easy, breezy gear you crave. With an eye for quality and a disdain for stuffiness, the Indigo & Cotton team fill their store with well-made goods that don’t take themselves too seriously. In fact, it all feels very much like Charleston, which is a feat not easily pulled off by a store. Think lots of solid colors, faded tones, and breathable fabrics. It’s the kind of clothing you can wear out but then kick back in on your porch as you watch the day go by. Link

Askov Finlayson

Minneapolis, MN

No disrespect, but Minneapolis isn’t exactly a hotbed for menswear. If you want cutting edge brands, you go to spots in California or the Big Apple. That was the driving force behind Askov Finlayson, which was opened by brothers Andrew and Eric Dayton in 2011 as a bastion of hope for Minneapolis. The brothers wanted to offer brands no one else had in the Twin Cities. They succeeded, and the shop’s success is solely because of the two stylish visionaries. Danner boots perfect for crunching through the cold Minnesota winters are offered alongside colorful windbreakers from Carhartt WIP and tops from Norse Projects. You can also find the store’s own brand, which has been offered since 2013. We’re fans of it all. Link


Chicago, IL

When in the Windy City and in search of new clothing, you need look no further than Notre, a shop on North Peoria that’s loaded with some real experimental brands. It’s a spot to find the boundary-pushing ideology of outfits like Nikelab, Golden Goose, and Needles, along with plenty of brands that don’t take things quite as far. For everything from a pair of Chuck Taylors to some wild Junya Watanabe gear, you can head to Notre. Link