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The Best Instagram Accounts for Knife Lovers

The Best Instagram Accounts for Knife Lovers

When you’re in the market for a durable, long-lasting, good-looking knife you have a lot of options. While we’re all for the big box options from makers like Gerber, Case, Kershaw, CRKT and the others that you’re already familiar with, there are quite a few small makers you should be aware of, and plenty of other accounts that are showcasing those brands. These are the best Instagram accounts for knife lovers.

Stelter Edgeworks

Will Stelter is a US-based knife maker, blacksmith and Eagle Scout that makes knives even the Forged in Fire judges would be jealous of. With pocket knife and full tang blades that run the full gamut of blade types, every Stelter Edgeworks creation is something you will literally drool over. Link

JG Customs

Handmade by Jason Guthrie from South Africa, JG Customs knives does everything from Damascus and carbon fiber to Micarta and kattos. In other words, just about everything. He makes them in a number of different fits and finishes, and there’s no better way to keep up than following his impressive work on the ‘gram. Link

Turpin Knives

If you want to geek out on the blisters, blood, family and general process porn that goes into the creation of a fantastic knife–or small batch collection of knives–you won’t find better than the collection you’ll get to enjoy from Turpin Knives. Link

Mostly Knives

As the name implies, Mostly Knives focuses mostly on knives. There’s a healthy collection of axes, hatches and pocket dumps that pop up regularly, but the primary focus remains on small bladed weapons capable of fitting in your pocket. Link

Best Knives of Instagram

Best Knives of Instagram doesn’t focus on any one individual maker. Instead, it’s a collection of all the community’s best knife pictures. When individual brands are like chart-topping superstars, the Best Knives of Instagram is like a Napster of the best and brightest of the bunch. This is one of the best accounts to follow if you want to discover something new. Link


While we’re not completely sure it would be billed as such, Knifetography combines the loves of knives and photography to create an Instagram account that focuses on all everything from perfect exposures to perfectly honed blades. Link

Dalibor Bergam Knives

A constant favorite in the #customknives channel, Dalibor Bergam Knives is a pocket knife brand you should know because he’s constantly building bladed tools that are as effective as they are beautiful. If you’re looking for a display blade, start with Dalibor Bergam. Link

Millit Knives

With over 17k followers on Instagram and wide acclaim, Millit Knives is one of the best small knife makers you’ve probably never heard of. While the brand does everything bladed well, the knives we love the most are the tactical folders that focus on build quality, sleek profile and blade sharpness. Link

The Mad Heretic

Damien from The Mad Heretic consistently showcases some of the best and brightest from lesser known brands like Berg, Grayman and Microtech, which makes @themadheretic the perfect account to follow when you’re looking to brush up on a whole cadre of other brands. Link

Cooley Custom Knives

Full-time student and part-time knife maker Liam Cooley, of Cooley Custom Knives, might spend a fair bit of time geeking out with other’s great knives, but when he does focus on a knife of his own, it’s a great one. If you want something simple, well built and stylish, Cooley Custom Knives probably has it… if you manage to jump on it fast enough. Link

EveryDay Knife Guy

Is it the assortment of subject matters that ranges from knives over coffee to knives next to beers? Perhaps the brand list that ranges from Swiss Army to Benchmade? We’re not quite sure how the EveryDay Knife Guy found his way into our feed, but the variety of brands, subject matter and associated gear quickly made him one of our favorites in the world of knives. Link

Hatcher Knives

If we’re being completely honest, we have two serious problems with Shawn Hatcher and the small workshop he calls home in Austin, TX. First, he only has three-thousand pictures for us to ogle. Second, and more importantly, it’s damn near impossible to get your hands on one of his knives because they’re absurdly well-made, well-built, well-documented, and well-everything-else-you-want-in-a-knife, which is probably why he has close 70,000 following his bladed builds on Instagram. Link

DB Blades

Dom from DB Blades in Australia doesn’t specifically limit himself to fixed blades, but it’s very clear that knives like the kirdashi and tanto are his preferred creation of choice. With a minimalist design aesthetic that doesn’t shy away from bright colors, while still focusing on function as much as form, DB Blade produces some of the most no-nonsense blades on the market… which is why we love them. Link